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Plug-Ins: A Useful Way to Expedite and Polish Your Creations

December 5, 2012

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


Plug-ins are useful tools for building and creating games in ROBLOX Studio. They’re tailor-built to make easy work of specific tasks, and members of our Content Team have created several to help expedite their work in day-to-day work. Talented users have also come up with some creative and helpful plug-ins to better their building experience. We’re working on migrating plug-ins into our Catalog so that users can download them directly from our website. For now, here are a few user-created plug-ins, as well as some plug-ins our very own Content Team has built. Enjoy.

Tara Byars: Visual Artist

I use the Anaminus Command Utility plug-in. It features tools for precision building and is really helpful for rotating objects. One of the most useful features is the ability to move objects on a granular scale, all the way to the decimal (i.e., a tenth of a stud). It’s really helpful if you want super precise control of an object in Studio. You can also use the plug-in to put bricks inside each other, meaning you can create more complicated shapes with ease.

John Shedletsky: Creative Director

I like using the Anaminus Tree Generator. Click on any spot on a map you’ve created and it grows a tree. It’s really helpful if you’re looking to build a forest environment and each time you add a tree, it looks different than the last. This gives your place variety and saves a lot of time–you don’t have to spend an entire day creating subtly different versions of trees.

Luke Weber: Content Creator

I created an attachment plug-in that’s useful for building FPS games. When you create a gun, it can be really difficult to align the gun to a realistic position from the player’s point of view. You have to find a good spot that allows the player to see clearly and also aim properly. With my tool, you can drag the perspectives in real time to line everything up. Because most FPS games feature multiple weapons of different shapes and sizes, this plug-in can end up saving you significant time. Check it out.

Kip Turner: Software Engineer

If you’ve used Studio, you know that building ladders can be tedious. You have to make a block, copy and move it, then weld the blocks together. I made a script that generates ladders for me. All I have to do is tell them where I want them to go and how tall and wide I want them. This is run using Execute Script, meaning that it’s not built into the ROBLOX Studio GUI. Go to tools, click “Execute Script” and open this Lua file, then type the following command into the command bar (as seen in the image below):

CreateLadder(,50,0), 12, 4, false).Parent = Workspace

This command has variables that you can alter to change the position and size of the ladders you create. In the example above:

  • 0,50,0 are the positional coordinates
  • 12 is the height
  • 4 is the width

To install plugins, follow these steps:

  1. Download the files
  2. Unzip them
  3. Open ROBLOX Studio
  4. Tools –> Open Plugin Folder
  5. Copy the plugin folders into this folder
  6. These tools will be loaded next time you open a place in Studio

Check out a comprehensive list of other plug-ins here.