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ROBLOX Presents LEGO® Hero Factory: Brain Attack

February 1, 2013

by BrightEyes


ROBLOX has teamed up with LEGO® once again in order to return to Makuhero City in LEGO® Hero Factory: Brain Attack! The five-on-five, capture-point style game features melee combat in an environment that dynamically changes based on which team is winning. Battle as either the heroic Furno or the villainous Pyrox to take control of three capture points scattered throughout Makuhero City.

The team that can hold down the three capture points for the longest wins the match! You can also earn badges and achievements that can be used to unlock some cool gear. For example, if your team wins, you get the head of either Furno or Pyrox, depending on which team you’re on. Both heads are hat items and can be worn outside of the game. If you earn five badges you’ll unlock Furno’s sword as a gear item. Get ten badges, and you’ll unlock Pyrox’s flame staff. You can earn badges by going on KO or capture streaks.

Using LEGO® Hero Factory: Breakout as a graphical foundation, LEGO® Hero Factory: Brain Attack features character models with customized joints and parts–the highly detailed characters have wrists, elbows, and other unique points of articulation. The game also features several custom GUIs, including a mini map, KO chart (which you can use by hitting “Q” in-game), and an event feed that keeps you posted on the status of your control points.

LEGO® Hero Factory: Brain Attack has visuals with a purpose–you can tell at any given time which hero or villain is holding which points by the overall look of the environment. Each capture point changes appearance depending on which side holds it. The tide of battle is constantly shifting around the map as well, as players migrate from each capture zone.

The gameplay in LEGO® Hero Factory: Brain Attack is drastically different than our first LEGO® game — it features a frantic five-on-five melee — so developing strategies of attack and coordinating with your team becomes paramount to winning matches.


The game also features an innovative new scoring system that places serious emphasis on teamwork – essentially, both teams have a countdown bar, and the only way to win is by driving this bar down to zero. You can accomplish this by holding more capture points than the other team. As long as your team controls the most capture points, the opposing team suffers constant damage to their countdown bar until they recover the points. If your team starts to lose, fight fire with fire!

Play LEGO® Hero Factory: Brain Attack to take control of Furno and Pyrox in Makuhero City today, and earn exclusive hats and gear items that aren’t even available in the ROBLOX catalog!