Spotlight: Infinite Replayability With Obby Lobby 2.0


26, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


Users Smellypencil and FunFish7098 have created a game that is innovative, challenging, and most importantly, a heck of a lot of fun. Obby Lobby 2.0 takes many familiar tropes about ROBLOX obstacle courses (or obbies for short) and flips them on their head. The result is a game with staggering amounts of replayability.

Though many are visually innovative, most obstacle courses on ROBLOX follow the same rules (and there’s nothing wrong with that, mind you). You build a gigantic obstacle course that players can complete at their leisure. Obby Lobby 2.0 plays by no such rules. The game splits each round into frantic races to the finish line–you’ve got four minutes per round to complete the obstacle course before your opponents do, which involves some intense on-the-spot thinking.

Do you guys smell something? I think something's burning. Guys?

The recently added “sprint” feature also adds a lot of pulse-racing moments–when you’re stuck in a bind, you can try to outrun obstacles in a last ditch effort to stay on track. If you fall or are struck by any obstacles, your head catches fire (which we thought was hilariously random) and you’ve got to start at the beginning of the obstacle that took you out.

If you were just repeating the same course over and over, you’d get to be pretty quick, right? That’s where this game differs from most ROBLOX obbies. Every single round features different obstacles. Rather than building one massive obstacle course, Smellypencil and FunFish7098 have been hard at work creating lots of obstacles–and have found a way to put them together in a completely random order, every round.

“We’ve designed around 40 different obstacles so far, ” says Smellypencil in an interview. “They can be arranged in any order. We just keep adding obstacles to the game, and the game randomly selects them.”

These coins are scattered throughout the obstacles, and they're really hard to nab. You can trade these in for speed, gravity and regen time upgrades.

This makes every race a new experience, where winning takes a lot of quick thinking and solid timing. Winning earns you some cash and XP points, which you can use to upgrade your character. Well, that’s the plan. Though Obby Lobby 2.0 does currently feature an XP gauge, the game is still in it’s Beta stage, as Smellypencil and FunFish7098 are trying to figure out what to do with the leveling systems, and whole lot of other features as well.

“We really want to bring a unique experience to the users,” says Smellypencil. “We’re going to be adding more obstacles, more bonus rounds, and more effects. We’re also thinking about adding a small amount of participation money so people who don’t win can still progress slowly.”

XP leveling has not been added yet, but there are ways to upgrade your character. Scattered throughout the maps are golden coins, which can be traded to upgrade walking speed, regeneration time, and gravity (meaning you can jump higher and for longer distances). Smellypencil and FunFish7098 are working on a way to bring XP into the equation.

“Users have been messaging us with some really great ideas for future updates,” adds FunFish7098.

The camera flies through each obstacle course before the match begins, so take notes!

Obby Lobby 2.0 is loosely based on Obby Lobby 1.0–the similarities ending in the fact that the levels change each round. What’s awesome about Obby Lobby 2.0 is the way the levels change. Each obstacle has an equal chance to spawn in any order, at any time. This means that any given game will have an entirely random combination of obstacles that no one can anticipate.

Smellypencil and FunFish7098 also want to include other users in their games–not just players, but builders as well. That’s right, if you’d like to participate, you can submit some of your obstacles to either one of the creators and they’ll throw it in their game. They give credit to other users at the beginning of each map if your obstacle is selected.

If you’re interested in participating, there’s a “Creation Kit” on FunFish7098’s profile page you can grab that has instructions on submitting your obstacles. “We want users to be a part of the experience,” says Smellypencil.

We’re excited to see where Obby Lobby 2.0 goes, and hope the interaction between the creators and users spawns some killer obstacles (but believe me when I say, there are plenty as is, and they’re hard). For now, we encourage you to check out Obby Lobby 2.0 to put your obby skills to the test.

Oh, and here’s some advice from the creators:

Every good game starts with a simple idea. The more original an idea is, the better off you will be when trying to make a popular game. People like Obby Lobby because of its originality. And remember to keep trying, and keep gaining experiences.