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Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: February 17, 2013

February 17, 2013

by Andrew Haak


Weekly ROBLOX Roundup Logo, V2Every week, we’re busy telling the stories behind our platform, our technology and our place in the gaming and technology industries. For those of you who catch up with ROBLOX over the weekend, the Weekly ROBLOX Roundup collects the best stuff to hit our various avenues of publication in the last week. This time: remembering Erik Cassel, ROBLOX’s Presidents Day Sale, new RGC 2013 announcements, a spotlight on Agent767 and his awesome world-destruction script, some ROBLOX tower defense, and other bits and pieces.

Seven-day Blog Recap

Erik HikingIn memory of Erik Cassel

Last week, ROBLOX Co-Founder Erik Cassel passed away after a three-year battle with cancer. We released a pair of ROBLOX items in commemoration of Erik — his trademark hat and an Erik t-shirt — on Friday, and will be donating a substantial portion of the proceeds to cancer research.

If you’d like to learn more about Erik and his impact in and out of ROBLOX, please read through this blog post from CEO David Baszucki, and other longtime members of the ROBLOX team.

The ROBLOX Presidents Day Sale is in full swing

We took to our users to determine what items we should discount, revive and make limited for our Presidents Day Sale 2013, and you can now see what they voted in by visiting the ROBLOX catalog. The sale is pretty huge, as evidenced by the green “sale” tags plastered over the catalog, but you do have time to browse — the sale runs through Friday, February 22nd.

Presidents Day Sale

RGC 2013: more details revealed!

You’ve been clamoring to know where the third ROBLOX Game Conference of 2013 will take place, and this week we put the rumors to rest. It’ll be in New York City on August 10th. We have announced the exact venue just yet, but we’ll let you know what it is soon.

We also confirmed that RGC London will take place at the Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum in North London. We can’t wait to see you there — July 27th.

For complete RGC 2013 details, see this page.

Spotlight on Agent767 and his open-source, world-destruction script

If there’s one thing everyone likes about physics engines, it’s the freedom they offer to simulate the destruction of, well, anything and everything. Agent767’s fragmentation system lets you do just that — it’s open source, so you can add it to any of your ROBLOX places and watch the rockets and bombs break it to tiny pieces. If it doesn’t add depth to your place’s game play, that’s fine; it’s still really fun to watch your world crumble. Check out the article to learn more about the script and its creator. Then try it for yourself.

Other stories from the last week:

You should play this ROBLOX game

Bloons Tower Defense is a relatively new game by user ScriptOn, who’s re-imagined a flash-based tower-defense game on ROBLOX. Visually, it’s very simple — with a slightly disconcerting number of monkey statues, especially after you’ve played a few rounds — but the game play he’s scripted makes up for any graphical shortfalls. Starting with a plot of land and a track that enemies travel, you build up stationary defenses to keep the enemies from reaching their goal. You earn points for taking out enemies (and placing money farms on your land), which you can then use to buy better defensive units. It’s a lot of strategy in a shared space, and worth trying out.



Hope you had a great Valentines Day and, for those who celebrate it, have a great Presidents Day tomorrow. We’ll be taking the day off, but we’ll be back before you know it.

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