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Beta Testing Now: Own and Trade Multiple Copies of Limited Items

March 21, 2013

by TobotRobot


We’re always looking for ways to make the ROBLOX economy more flexible and dynamic. In the past year, we’ve introduced and enhanced our trading system, added affiliate gear sales and game passes, and created a group treasury, among other things. Today, we’re kicking off a beta test for yet another economy feature: the ability to purchase and trade multiple copies of the same limited item.

Help Us Test This New Feature

For those of you who don’t know, sitetest3 is an environment where we test new web features and changes before deploying. We want to round up a trusted batch of testers to share feedback. If you want to test out our new feature, head over to and create an account. If you create the account by 12 PM PT on Friday, you’ll qualify to receive Builders Club (you know, so you can trade and sell items) and 10,000 Robux. Both of these will appear in your testing account on Friday, March 22 at 12 PM (PST). Keep in mind that both of these will be given to you as testers on our test site, not your actual ROBLOX account.

If you find any problems (particularly if you find an instance where somebody doesn’t get the items they wanted, or if someone managed to somehow steal items), send all of your feedback to, or post about it in our testing forums. The first person to submit a substantial flaw or loophole in the system (you must submit the steps it took to recreate the problem) will get 5,000 real Robux. We’ve been testing this internally–our engineers have worked it over and are confident this is ready for fire-testing.

The Future

We’re hoping this dramatically changes the way the ROBLOX economy functions. As you can no doubt imagine, turning on this feature brings a ton of implications in tow.

Before, if you were trying to sell a limited item, you’d get several different offers for that item. But once you chose an offer, the deal was done, and the other offers no longer matter. Now that you can have more than one limited item in your inventory, you can see what happens when you take different types of offers. You’ll be able to experiment more.

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on the ROBLOX economy, especially in regard to limited items–we’re committed to making sure that regular users can continue to get their hands on all of our awesome limited items, as soon as they’re available. We’ll also be tweaking the amount of limited items we put out, dependent on the new demand that stems from this release.

This will also address a prevailing issue on ROBLOX–many users create multiple accounts to sell the same item twice (or more). This is way too complicated, and we’re hoping this will save them the hassle.

We can’t wait to see how this will affect the ROBLOX economy, especially in terms of trading. Keep in mind: you won’t be able to purchase multiple items from us–this will remain the same as it’s always been–but you’ll be able to purchase and trade items from other users. We think this feature will add liquidity and make our trading system even more robust and refined, while streamlining the experience on the user end. If you’re excited about this, please hop into sitetest3 and share your feedback with us.