Get Your BLOXcon Pass Today!


15, 2013

by reesemcblox


BLOXcon LogoDid you spend a long, grueling week watching our countdown clock? The hour of BLOXcon ticket sales has finally arrived! You can now purchase passes to all three events: BLOXcon Chicago (7/13), BLOXcon London (7/27) and BLOXcon New York City (8/10) on the BLOXcon website. Space is limited in each city, so guarantee your spot by snagging a pass today.

Passes are just $15 for Chicago and New York City, and £12 for London. Each BLOXcon pass guarantees you all-day access to the event, but you’ll have to choose a time slot when you’d like to attend the Main Stage Presentation. We’ll do the Main Stage Presentation multiple times per day — each session featuring the same content — to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it. You won’t want to miss your slot — this is where we’ll be showing things no other ROBLOXian outside your city has ever seen before.

ROBLOX Rally 2011 Crowd

As part of the pass-purchasing process, you’ll also be able to add ROBLOX and BLOXcon merchandise to your order. We’ll bring your goods and your pass to BLOXcon and hand everything over to you at the event.

For more information, see each event’s page on the BLOXcon website. We also have detailed FAQs for each event, which you can check out using the following links:

Are you still reading this? What are you waiting for — go get your BLOXcon pass!