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Play Nerf Battle: Double Your Blasting Target Challenge Today

March 15, 2013

by BrightEyes


ROBLOX and Nerf have teamed up to make Nerf Battle: Double Your Blasting Target Challenge! The game launched earlier this week, and has picked up some serious traffic. At the time of this writing, over 250,000 people have played it! In case you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, jump in and start blasting.

Choose one of two available Nerf double blasters—the Diatron blaster launches discs that can bounce off walls and floors, while the Rough Cut blaster fires darts that can travel up to 75 feet.

The open medieval themed environment features randomly placed targets strewn throughout the map—you’ll have to do some pretty keen exploring to find every single target.  Rounds will start with blue targets, then transition to a combination of blue and orange targets, the latter being much harder to hit. They’re worth more points though, so it’s worth your time to seek them out!

Each round lasts five minutes, and it’s up to you and up to eight other players to find and hit as many targets as possible. You earn points by hitting targets, and earn multipliers by utilizing your blaster’s touted advantage. Get the “Long Shot” score multiplier by hitting a target from a long distance using the Rough Cut blaster, and earn “Trick Shot” multipliers by bouncing discs off of walls or the floor before hitting targets using the Diatron blaster.

You can also earn point multipliers by hitting multiple targets in a row. And be sure to use the Nerf power ups that will fall from the sky at random points around the map! There are three different power ups you can find that will increase your rate of fire and your points earned.

There are numerous rewards and unlockable items for continued play—get the most points in a match, and you become MVP of the game unlocking a more accurate Rough Cut blaster with a precision scope. You can also earn three digital prizes that will be available to you in the form of clothing—you can earn a Nerf ammo belt, a bandolier, and an exclusive Nerf vest, all by earning high scores with each of the three blasters.

Jump in to Nerf Battle: Double Your Blasting Challenge and see if you’ve got the sharp-shooting chops to dominate the arena today!