Five Ways to “Win” at ROBLOX


22, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


ROBLOX is an open-ended sandbox game and ultimately, every builder defines their own “winning” experience. There is no “victory” screen, but there are certain (and sometimes simple!) things you can do to really broaden your ROBLOX experience. Check out this list of five ways to “win” at ROBLOX.

Build. Like, a lot. 

This is easily the most valuable piece of advice we can give you. Building is the core of participation on ROBLOX, and the more you build, the better you get at it. Don’t build games or places that you think others want to see, either. Build whatever comes to mind, however crazy or strange that idea might be. That’s one of the best parts of ROBLOX–you are not limited by our platform; you’re limited only by the amount of skill you develop utilizing it. Don’t be intimidated by other creations. Let them inspire you instead.

Massively detailed places shouldn't intimidate you, they should inspire you

Building doesn’t just apply to virtual places either. Build models and encourage other users to use them in their games. Build and retexture clothing items. Build creative ads that visually represent the core of your creation. If you’re able to do some or all of these things, you’ll be building your reputation as well, which never hurts. Speaking to that effect…

Be an active ROBLOX community member. 

The ROBLOX forums are a great place to interact with other builders

There are thousands of groups with differing interests in ROBLOX, and joining is as easy as finding one with which you share a common interest. You can join a group for any number of reasons, and even build your own group that focuses on your interests. That could be anything from building, to gaming, to Pokemon, to fan clubs.

Some of the most incredible places and games built on ROBLOX were the result of collaboration. Never be afraid to put yourself out there–make friends with other users and communicate as much as you can. The ROBLOX forums are a good place to start–if you have any questions about building or anything ROBLOX related, post them in the forum to stir the pot and get conversations started. You’ll be surprised how fast other users will get back to you with valuable feedback.

Some users have created their own ROBLOX fan sites, which is also a viable way to get your name out there. Pick your favorite facet of ROBLOX and build a website around that topic. Utilize our forums to draw traffic. Keep finding ways to engage in conversations.

Learn more about the ROBLOX economy. Leverage it to accumulate wealth.  

Being rich isn’t necessarily a pre-requisite to becoming famous on ROBLOX, but wealth certainly doesn’t hurt. There are a plethora of different ways to earn some Robux and tickets. The biggest and most obvious way is to utilize Game Passes in the games you create–you get to keep 70% of what you earn. Game Passes allow users to unlock hidden classes, parts of levels, weapons–as the game developer, it’s entirely up to you. You can also add gear to your game for varying amounts of Robux.

There are many other avenues to explore in terms of generating revenue. Some of the richest users on ROBLOX earn their cash by utilizing our trading system. You can purchase limited items and hold on to them so they accumulate value, then flip that item to another user later on down the line. With our recent announcement that you can own and trade multiple copies of limited items, we’ve made our trading system more robust than ever. Take advantage of it!

Develop a skill. 

There are many avenues to explore on ROBLOX, and the quest to find your niche isn’t always easy. But once you find it–whether it’s Lua scripting, model creation, game development, video editing, or creating graphics (just to name a few off the top of our heads)–remember this: practice makes perfect. None of the most successful ROBLOX users knew exactly what they were doing when they started. Find what you’re good at, and keep pushing yourself to leave your mark on that niche. Don’t get comfortable, either. Do things that push you outside of your comfort level–don’t ever be afraid to try new things. Which leads us to our last and final point…

Always be experimenting. 

Many of the builders who’ve won at ROBLOX have done so by being innovative–creating things that were never seen before. Always strive to do the same, no matter what niche you find yourself in. Your ultimate goal should always be to find the limits of our platform, then find ways to break those limits to create something new, different, and oftentimes beautiful. We’re constantly amazed with some of the creations that have been developed with our platform, across all categories. One builder virtually recreated an entire set of BMW cars, inside and out. Another builder utilized our raycasting method to create paintballs that fly through the air realistically. Every time you hear or see the words, “that can’t be done,” find a way to do it.

We hope these tips have encouraged you to get out there and start winning. And hey, if you really want to win? Here’s a final hint: do all of the above. Good luck!