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Get Your Article Published on the ROBLOX Blog

April 17, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


We’ve been upping the interaction between ourselves and our readers by cultivating articles that encourage collaboration and discussion. We’re pushing that envelope even further with a new, soon-to-be-launched series, where ROBLOX users have the chance to write bylined articles for the blog!

With our Spotlight articles, we focus on users who have built amazing places and games. Our newly-formed Crossfire series gives successful ROBLOX game developers a chance talk about the design and structure of their respective games (we’ve got an exciting edition coming in the near future). This new series will be written by ROBLOX users, and each entry will describe the process of developing a very specific and/or technical aspect of a game, place or model. You can pitch your article idea today by completing this form.

Your topic can be anything, but unique and focused ideas stand a much better chance of making the cut. Here are some examples:

  • Implementing a map in a survival game
  • Using ray casting to simulate physically realistic projectiles
  • Creating a custom weapon reload animation

It’s pretty open-ended–these are just ideas based off games we’ve recently played on ROBLOX. Your goal should be to establish your creative prowess and help other ROBLOX builders who’d like to implement similar features.

Here’s what to do: first, follow this link, which will take you to an application form. In addition to submitting basic information, you’ll need to give us a detailed description of your work and why it will be useful for ROBLOX blog readers.

If selected, you’ll get to craft your very own article where you can discuss your creation in detail–where the inspiration came from, how you implemented it, and what the benefits are. We’ll help you fine-tune the piece and provide you with assets to make a clean and informative article. This is your chance to become a published author, and to inspire other users to get out there and build.

So let’s see what you’ve got! Start by filling out your application here.