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A Journey Through Day One of Dynamic Lighting

May 10, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


This morning, I woke up, ate breakfast, then stepped into a ROBLOX that was different than it was yesterday. Alas, the release of dynamic lighting lead to a sudden surge of creative thoughts and ideas all throughout ROBLOX–and within less than 24 hours of the release, no less! Lights and shadows are everywhere. It’s like seeing ROBLOX through a new set of eyes. I decided to take a look around our dynamically lit platform and document my journey. Check out some of the places and things I saw.

XZENI Mountains Battlefield V by vv45689

Dynamic Castle! by Himelanthony10 (castle originally built by ZeroVelocity)

Autumn Town by EBR

Everlast by DarkGenex

Miko Shrine by ninjabart122

The Stalker by CloneTrooper1019

Tunnels of Baratka by M0RGOTH

Zeta by Darwin12

Strobe by Redditor

Zombiesdale by um3k


That was my journey through ROBLOX the day after dynamic lighting was released. I can only imagine what this trip will look like in a month. Or in a year. And I can’t wait to find out.