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Can’t Go to BLOXcon? Think Again!

May 28, 2013

by Andrew Haak


Virtual BLOXconOnly a small fraction of ROBLOXia’s current population will actually get to attend the sold-out BLOXcon in person this summer. As much as we’d like to show up in every town and throw a live BLOXcon for you and your friends, we haven’t yet mastered the technology or hired the couple thousand minions we’d need to make that possible. Instead, we’re going to show up via the series of tubes that are The Internet this September for a virtual BLOXcon! While we hammer out the details of the event, save this date: Saturday, September 21st.

What do we have in mind for the virtual equivalent of BLOXcon? We’re planning to:

  • Capture video footage at each of the three live BLOXcons, then play back some of the best announcements, presentations and award shows
  • Reveal exclusive news and/or product development
  • Join the community in exploring and playing BLOXcon-themed ROBLOX places
  • Give attendees a free virtual item
  • Stream live from ROBLOX HQ
  • Interact with you live via social media and the ROBLOX forums

Whether you live in the Philippines, Australia, Russia or anywhere in between, we hope this gives you a cool way of experiencing the glory that is BLOXcon. Stay tuned for more information. As always, check out for all BLOXcon details and discuss the upcoming events on our dedicated forum!