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Five Ways to Keep Busy on ROBLOX as Summer Starts

May 27, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


For many, today marks the unofficial beginning of summer. School is either done or about to be done for the year, and that means you’ll be able to celebrate three glorious months of freedom from the daily grind.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a load of ROBLOX themed activities you can be taking part in, right now. So if you’ve got some spare time this sunny season, here are some things you can work on to keep busy!

ROBLOX International Film Fest 2013The ROBLOX Film Fest Ends This Weekend!

That’s right, the ROBLOX International Film Festival is wrapping up on June 3rd at 11:59 p.m. PST. Submissions have been pouring in, and we’ve been delighted and in some cases amazed at what you have been able to create. The winners will receive a prestigious BLOXY Award, in addition to having their films screened at one of this summer’s BLOXcons and a highly visible spot on the ROBLOX YouTube channel. We’ve posted the rules and regulations, and even some tips on submitting a winning entry. If you love being behind (or in front of!) the camera, finish up and submit your entry this week!

Roblox Rally 2011 PosterThe BLOXcon Poster Contest is Live!

We thought it only fair that if we’re giving film makers the chance to shine, graphic designers should be given equal opportunity. With this contest, you have a chance to design a BLOXcon poster that captures the essence of one of the three BLOXcon locations, and the spirit of ROBLOX in general! The contest launched late last week, and the blog post features several templates to get you started, as well as the rules to follow.

The Memorial Day Sale is in Full Swing!

We kicked off a Memorial Day hat sale on Friday, where certain items became limited, certain hats are heavily discounted, and two retextured hats (chosen by users, no less) went on sale. There’s also a bevy of sale items that we didn’t mention in the blog article, so keep checking the catalog through Wednesday to find and take advantage of some killer deals!

Dynamic Lighting is ON!

It’s out! And building hasn’t been the same since. We’re keeping an eye on how our builders are utilizing dynamic lighting, and to say we’re pleased so far would be a massive understatement. Though many have updated or created places to look drastically different, we’re especially excited to see games and places built around our lighting system. This means a game that functions, more or less, by utilizing changing and shifting sources of light. So if you find yourself building something new, keep this in mind! Make sure and keep an eye on our forums to see what people have been able to do so far, and jump in and participate.

Write a Blog Article

In mid-April, we gave you the opportunity to publish your very own by-lined article to the ROBLOX blog. We received some truly fantastic ideas and have already worked with two users (MahPizzaIsHere and CrazyMan32), who gave readers an inside look at ROBLOX game and level design. The invitation is still open–fill out this form, and pitch us your blog idea. If we like it, we’ll work with you to put together a compelling piece.