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Six ROBLOX Places That’ll Make You Say “Whoa”

June 4, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


We’re constantly searching for new ROBLOX creations that catch our eye–the recent advent of dynamic lighting has really altered the way many existing places look, and brought forth a wide range of new environments. We enjoy it when we get the chance to share some of the more awesomely detailed and creative places we find on our platform, and love giving credit to the intrepid builders who are pushing ROBLOX boundaries in new and creative ways. To the right, you’ll notice the (dynamically lit) facial expression that stayed on my face while discovering each of these unique levels. Check them out. 

The Fabric of Reality

The Fabric of Reality is a place that completely and dramatically displays our new dynamic lighting system–enter, and watch as cascading, individually lit framed cubes fall from the sky, lighting the area below before disappearing altogether. It’s ingenious in its simplicity, and looks like nothing we’ve ever seen in ROBLOX.


A place called “Ruined” might make you feel a little apprehensive about visiting, but pay this place a visit and catch your jaw before it hits the floor. This is hands-down, one of the most detailed places we’ve ever seen on ROBLOX. Though small, you can almost see each individual grain of wood. The floor is lined with three-dimensional figures that look like they were individually carved by a professional sculptor (which, in a sense, they were).

Car Showroom

Car Showroom is an awesome compilation of detailed cars that Dyontje7, FireNinja84 and Brickmaster117 built. The map is actually quite large, and there are multiple showrooms to visit to see all of their creations. The cars themselves are extremely detailed and accurately reflect their real life counterparts–and we’re always thrilled to see a recreation of the DeLorean. Don’t take our word for it–jump in the place, and gun it up to 88 (don’t tell us if you don’t get this reference, it will just make us feel old.)

Pinewood Builders HQ

Pinewood Builders HQ is absolutely massive. The 12-story building has a ton of unique and different floors to explore–each of which can be accessed by riding in a really cool elevator called “The SkyLift”. There’s a lobby, a full bar with a pool table, hidden rooms that require passwords to access, and even a full-blown meeting room, complete with a roundtable desk and a skyscraper view. There’s also a ton of individual light sources brightening up various parts of the building. There’s a ton to explore, check it out.

City Hall Subway Station | New York City

A digital recreation of the Subway Station built just outside New York’s City Hall, the station features some of the most detailed architecture we’ve seen yet, and the recent addition of dynamic lighting really makes the gorgeous textures pop even more. Check out some of the tile patterns, or the incredibly complex framing of the windows above. User Superdude52 certainly has an eye for detail.


Formerly a Personal Build Server only accessible by members of the Elite Personal Server Builders (EPSB), this map is wonderfully detailed and features a gamut of colors, shapes, and structures. It’s also massive, meaning you can spend a ton of time exploring every single facet of it. There are hidden temples to uncover, one of which may or may not be at the foot of that huge waterfall *cough, ahem*.