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Presenting the First BLOXY, Hall of Fame 2013 and Hackathon Winners

July 17, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


clonetrooperhackathonLast weekend at BLOXcon Chicago, we announced the winners of a bunch of prestigious awards. BLOXY Awards go to ROBLOX filmmakers, who crafted films for five unique categories in the ROBLOX Film Festival. The Hall of Fame Awards were designed to highlight some of the best community-created content of the last year. Finally, this year’s ROBLOX Hackathon was the most challenging yet, offering scripting and building challenges that pushed the knowledge boundaries of our cunning participants. In this article, we’ll be detailing the winners of each of these events, though keep in mind that there will be more–different winners will be revealed at each respective BLOXcon, so stay tuned to the blog for more winners after each remaining location. All winners will receive their virtual prizes in the near future.

ROBLOX International Film Fest 2013BLOXcon Chicago BLOXY Award Winners

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you  know that we ran a Film Festival last Spring, and we received almost 500 entries in five categories: Building Showcase, Commercial, City-Themed, Short Film/Machinima, and Trailer. We’ll be announcing five winners–one per category–at each BLOXcon, so keep an eye out for more.

Building Showcase: Hand of Hephaestus by Ratwise

ROBLOX Commercial: “Limitless Possibilities” by dom2d2

City-Themed Short: Chicago Tourist Guide by Ravenshield

Short Film/Machinima: Boardroom Suggestion by SuperSy, Dino77 and bunnybunn263

Trailer: Builderman by spideyrulz

Congratulations to our top ROBLOX filmmakers! Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing additional winners in these same categories at BLOXcon London and New York!


BLOXcon Chicago Hall of Fame 2013 Winners

Every year, we host a Hall of Fame event where we give awards to ROBLOX builders who are making anything from great games and places to advertisements and videos. This year, we chose some of our favorites, gave you the opportunity to vote on your favorites, and looked at data from the last 12 months to determine what resonates among the community. Much like the BLOXY Awards above, we’ll be announcing more winners at each BLOXcon. Here are the first six!

Most Active Group: First Encounter Assault Recon


Top Earning Game: Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101

Best Recreation of a Real-World Place: City of Rome, Italy by Juliane14 and ITA

Users’ Choice, Best Survival Game: Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak

Users’ Choice, Most Creative Game: The Stalker by CloneTrooper1019

Place of the Year: The Wind by asimo3089

Chicago BLOXcon Hackathon “Gold”  Winners

The Hackathon pushes our builders’ creative talents, both in terms of scripting and building. We’re impressed each year with the tenacity and know-how of our builders, and this year was no different. The list below features users who earned the “Gold” Scroll, meaning that they earned a total of over 700 points during the Hackathon.

  • IMG_GoldScrollCatblox
  • tuxedoman23
  • silentnight
  • halofan987123
  • fredfallsnorlax
  • crazyman32
  • swmaniac

“Where user Catblox succeeded was in the sheer amount of questions he attempted to answer,” said Tarabyte, a member of the Content Team and co-host of the Hackathon. “Usually, builders will focus on one aspect, either building or scripting, and ignore the other category. Catblox attempted to answer almost every single question, in both categories. He also scored massive points on the last question, which we can’t give away here. But believe me when I say it was a hard question to get right.”

“Those who participated in both the building and scripting questions achieved many more points–being so well-rounded is difficult as it requires engagement from both hemispheres of the brain,” said Kip Turner, also of the Content Team and co-host of the 2013 Hackathon.

More than 50 people participated in the BLOXcon Chicago Hackathon across three separate sessions and participants were ranked by their total scores. Top scorers received Gold, Silver and Bronze Scrolls, depending on the amount of points earned. Thanks to everyone who took part in this exciting ROBLOX event!

And, of course, congratulations to everyone who won an award in this first round.