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Presenting the Third Set of BLOXY, Hall of Fame, Hackathon Winners

August 14, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


hackathonnycAfter a busy month and a half, the ROBLOX team has successfully taken BLOXcon around the world. Another completed BLOXcon also means another list of BLOXY, Hall of Fame, and Hackathon winners. Though this takes us closer to the end of our annual awards, there is more to come! The very final bunch of winners will be announced at the final BLOXcon of 2013, which takes place everywhere the internet exists on September 21st, 2013. For now, read on to see the creative minds that received awards at BLOXcon New York City!

ROBLOX International Film Fest 2013

BLOXcon NYC BLOXY Award Winners

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you  know that we ran a Film Festival last Spring, and we received almost 500 entries in five categories: Building Showcase, Commercial, City-Themed, Short Film/Machinima, and Trailer. We announced five BLOXY Award winners at each BLOXcon; here are the winners announced in New York City.

Building Showcase: Miniature City Speedbuild by MattJon

Commercial: The New Age of Gaming by Featherd

Trailer: Fallout: ROBLOX by Darknut, MasterCheif547 and Goku123

Short Film/Machinima: The Guest Escapes by EpikIllousion, Nikie889, Firebolt7

Bonus: The Explosive Bowling Incident by dactor123

Why bonus? We did not receive a city-themed film that did well during the voting period, so we decided to let the crowd speak and show a second short film instead.

halloffameBLOXcon NYC Hall of Fame 2013 Winners

Every year, we host a Hall of Fame where we give awards to ROBLOX builders who are making anything from great games and places to advertisements and videos. This year, we chose our favorites, gave you the opportunity to vote on your favorites, and looked at data from the last 12 months to determine what resonates among the community. As mentioned above, we’ll be announcing at least a few more winners at the Virtual BLOXcon next month. Here is the third round of picks!

Item of the Year: Classic Swordpack Throwback

Most Visited Place: Paintball! by daxter33

Best Use of Physics: Sword Fight and Sink a City by TheAmazeman

Most Innovative Gameplay: Strobe by Team Rudimentality

Users Choice for Game of the Year: Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak

BLOXcon NYC Hackathon “Gold”  Winners

IMG_GoldScrollThe Hackathon pushes our builders’ creative talents, both in terms of scripting and building. We’re impressed each year with the tenacity and know-how of our builders, and this year was no different. The list below features users who earned the “Gold” Scroll, meaning that they earned a total of over 700 points during the Hackathon. Only seven intrepid builders were able to earn the Gold Scroll at Chicago’s BLOXcon. London had 11 Gold Scroll winners. New York produced eight Gold Scroll winners. A special congratulations to builder NickPatella, who completed every single challenge and earned a whooping 3,200 points! Congratulations to all the winners.

  • NickPatella
  • Sumox567
  • mariokartaddict
  • Tenal
  • legostarwarsclone
  • Benjamint
  • cloakedyoshi
  • wearebots1234

“The dedication of every participant was really inspiring to see in real-life,” said Zach Linblad, ROBLOX Engineer and one of the hosts of our New York Hackathon. “I was also impressed with how many categories we got submissions in, and how many of them were superbly high quality.”

So, there you have it folks. We’re done traveling for a while, though that doesn’t mean you don’t have a BLOXcon to visit, and soon! We’ll be announcing more BLOXY and Hall of Fame Award winners during our Virtual BLOXcon on September 21st. We’ll see you there!