Developers Share Their DevEx Success Stories


04, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


Computer-BlueAt ROBLOX, we’re working hard to build a haven for up-and-coming game developers. A place where it’s not only easy to get started with building and scripting fantastic 3D worlds, but possible to get those creations in front of an audience of millions of gamers using our cloud infrastructure — and perhaps even make some money doing it.

We recognize that making great content takes time and effort, and that’s why we launched the ROBLOX Developer Exchange last month. DevEx allows successful Outrageous Builders Club members to convert the virtual ROBUX they earn to real-world currency. It lets our top creators operate like their own game-development studios, where compensation comes with a great product.

We’re only one month into DevEx, but already many developers–particularly those who have been ROBLOX members for quite some time–have leveraged the feature. And their reasons for doing so are all over the map.

Some developers are making investments to further their game-creation craft. Ozzypig, the developer of such hits as The Hunger Games by Ozzypig and Juggernaut, has plans to upgrade his hardware and on-the-spot thinking.

“I’m using the money to upgrade some of my worn-down hardware. According to WhatPulse, my mouse has over two million clicks on it. Time for a new one. Same goes for my old headphones–I’ve replaced them with a new set, and they’re awesome,” he tells me.


He goes on to explain an unexpected plan.

“I’m spending the money I’m earning on improvised acting classes at the SAK Comedy Lab in downtown Orlando. What an extroverted thing to do with money earned being introverted!”

Reaching out to top ROBLOX developers showed us that many of them are just like you: gamers, movie enthusiasts, and digital media consumers.


“I’m using each payment to save up for an Alienware PC,” says SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, Commander in Chief of F.E.A.R., one of ROBLOX’s largest groups.  “DevEx promotes creativity with my games, and really makes me want to put more time and effort into the places I create. Thank you for adding this feature.”

“I’m also going to be buying lifetime OBC,” he adds.

Developer BobBrick has created several successful titles, including Atlantic Cruise Ship and Superhero City II.

“The second I cashed out I bought three movies and a season of a TV show I like on iTunes. Then, as a mature individual, I put the rest in the bank,” he tells me. “Except, not really. I spent $150.00 on NERF guns. I regret nothing.”

Developer Rukiryo has made several popular titles, including POKEMON REBORN and BLEACH, and is using DevEx to supplement his future. He’s using some of the cash he earned to pay the web hosting fees for a new site where he’ll be hosting games made by he and his friend.


“I’m also going to be using the monthly cash to afford the insane $300.00 a month insurance we have here in Canada. Long term, I’m hoping the money I earn will help me start a programming company business. My partners and I make games currently but we’d like to move onward and start developing things more technology-oriented,” he continues.

You probably know user StarMarine614 as builder of ROBLOX Point–he’s also been using DevEx to help rebuild in the wake of a automobile accident.

RPTP New Coaster

“So far, DevEx has been a very helpful feature that I’ve used to help me put a down payment on a new car. Now that I have it, I have no problem getting to and from work,” he says. “I’m a very busy person–I have two jobs and am attending college, and ROBLOX is my free-time hobby. Since DevEx released, I see ROBLOX game development as more of a job, and it inspires me to continue making new and original ROBLOX content.”

“I’ll be finishing my expansion of ROBLOX Point, and am currently developing a FPS game for everyone to enjoy,” he adds. “I’m working on getting a college degree, and look forward to using DevEx to pay for more college classes in the future.”

While each person we talked to has a vastly different use for the money they’ve earned, you can see the bigger picture: making great games on ROBLOX has a lot of upside. Not only is it possible to take home some cash and support other hobbies and life pursuits, but it’s an opportunity to learn the ropes of software development while having fun. We can’t wait to hear more stories about how our developers take advantage of DevEx. Even if it’s NERF.