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Using Plugins Just Got 10x Easier

January 16, 2014

by Lord Rugdumph


qCmdUtlIf you’ve spent a considerable amount of time using ROBLOX Studio, there’s a good chance you’ve used plugins to expedite certain processes. Many plugins are made right here at HQ and are bundled into Studio (e.g., the terrain stamper), while others are available via third-party websites. Until now.

All plugins are now available for you to download and install right from They function the same as any other first-class asset (e.g., free models, decals, audio) that people can freely share in ROBLOX. The reasoning behind this is you shouldn’t have to leave our website in order to download the tools you need to build. We’ve also enhanced our API to make plugins smarter and better.

To see available plugins, visit the Plugins section of the Catalog. To download available plugins, go inside Studio and click Tools > Manage Plugins. Hitting the “Find Plugins” button will then allow you to search for specific plugins and filter your results. Once you’ve installed your desired plugin, re-open your place (or create a new one) to start using it. The plugin will appear in the Studio toolbar.


New plugin properties

Plugins can now store data. If a plugin had any customization settings, there was previously no way to “save” those settings. We added a mechanism that allows plugins to save data you’ve changed or altered in any way.

Plugins can function as models. Before, a plugin consisted of one Lua script. Now you can bundle your plugin together with other assets — be it a monster, a copy of a tree, or a decal — and save them all together as a model. This allows you to package and distribute data in a much more efficient way.

Plugins can be published via Studio. When you’ve created the plugin you want to use, right click it in the Workspace panel and click “Publish as Plugin”. Plugins don’t have to be models — you can select almost anything in Studio and upload it as a plugin (like a script), though models make the most sense conceptually.

You can now use normal decals for plugin buttons. Before, you had to use a PNG file included with the plugin, but now you can reference an uploaded image for your button icon in Studio.

Anaminus' Tree Generator Plugin Some handy plugins

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the new plugins surfacing on ROBLOX, and we encourage you to keep experimenting and uploading. For more technical details about plugin management, check out this ROBLOX Wiki article.