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Intellisense & Wiki Integration Now Available in ROBLOX Studio

February 6, 2014

by adamintygum


robloxstudioOur ROBLOX Studio team is on a mission to make ROBLOX Studio the premiere game-development environment for game designers of all experience levels. Speaking to that effect, we recently enabled two Studio features: Contextual Help and Intellisense. Both of these features are designed to streamline building and coding, and simultaneously quench your thirst for knowledge without taking you out of your game-development zone.

Contextual Help

As any builder or scripter will tell you, the ROBLOX Wiki is an invaluable resource that can teach you many of the ins and outs of building in ROBLOX Studio. That’s why we’ve baked the ROBLOX Wiki directly into Studio — we want to make sure that you never have to leave your building session to get answers to any and all questions that arise.

We’ve kicked around this idea for a long time, and ultimately decided to integrate the Wiki into Studio in the most intuitive way possible — once you enable the Studio Wiki (by clicking View > Help Wiki), a new panel will open and change content based on what you’re doing in Studio. In other words, if you open the Help Wiki and click, say, Lighting in your Explorer window, the Help Wiki will automatically change to the RBX.lua.Lighting (Object) page. Click around Studio to get a feel how of how it works — all Basic Objects, Properties and options in your Explorer window will be tied to their respective Wiki pages. See what this looks like in the example screenshot below.



EnumIntellisense is a brand new Studio feature that we’re hoping will make scripting easier than ever before. What is it? Auto-completion scripting! When you’re coding, simply start typing. If Intellisense recognizes what you’re typing, it will automatically give you options to try that fit within the word parameters. Any Lua libraries, enums, or static functions (i.e. should resolve in both script view and the command bar — though instances and children will only resolve in the command bar for now, and not in script view (though we’re working on getting this done, as well). This way you don’t have to type out the entire script; you can choose the option you’re seeking from a convenient drop-down menu that appears as you type. Intellisense is currently enabled, meaning you can jump inside Studio and begin experimenting with it right now.

These features — which follow closely on the heels of such other enhancements as plugin management, script modules, HTTP Service and surface GUIs — are all part of an ongoing effort to make ROBLOX Studio more robust and feature-rich than ever. We’ve got more exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!