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BLOX Faires Are Approaching — Volunteer Now!


24, 2014

by reesemcblox


This year, for the first time ever, we’re having players host their own ROBLOX events all around the world. These ROBLOX events will take place at various Maker Faires, which are like temporary museums for real people’s amazing works of technology. Hence, the name “BLOX Faire.”

Though the ROBLOX staff will be participating in the Maker Faire Bay Area (on May 17th and 18th) and World Maker Faire New York (on September 20th and 21st), we can’t make it to every other Faire this spring, summer, and fall. That’s why we’ve decided to ask you to volunteer. If you’re interested in volunteering, start by taking a look at this map to determine which Maker Faire is closest to you. When you find one that you’d like to participate in, fill out this survey to let us know. For more details and clarification, check out the following segment from last weekend’s BLOXcast and read on!

Why Maker Faire? They’re chock-full of creative and talented individuals who love building things — exactly the type of people we want to introduce to ROBLOX! Why you? You know everything there is to know about ROBLOX! As a volunteer, you will be given all the necessary materials needed to construct a ROBLOX booth. You’ll stay at the booth for a couple of hours and show curious attendees what ROBLOX is all about — building, scripting, gaming, whatever you’re into. You’ll also get the chance to interact with other local ROBLOX players, and check out all the awesome exhibitions throughout the Faire.

We’ve had people express interest in volunteering all around the world. Detroit, Portland, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Toronto, the Bay Area, London — lots of ROBLOXians want to help. Even top developers like Imaginaerum, Janthran, Fattycat17, Maxxz, Vexedly, Money128, Defaultio, DrWaffler, Havemeat, and Nexx have volunteered to help at their local Maker Faires. Are you a fan of developers like these? Are you simply a ROBLOX fanatic? Volunteer to help run a ROBLOX booth at the Maker Faire nearest you!

ROBLOX Maker Faire Booth

Oh, and we’ll be making our presence felt at the Bay Area Maker Faire on May 18th & 19th

Again, start with this map to find the Maker Faire that is closest to you (and when it’s happening). Fill out this survey to volunteer to run the ROBLOX booth. Talk to friends on ROBLOX and locally about helping out as well. At least eight volunteers are needed for each BLOX Faire event. As incentive, if any booth is able to get 20 members to help promote ROBLOX, we’ll send one of our very own admins to run the booth with your team!

We’re looking for volunteers at these Maker Faires

April 5: Greenbelt Mini / Greenbelt, MD
April 12: Burlington Mini / Burlington, NC
April 26: Maker Faire UK / Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
April 26: Lehigh Valley Mini / Bethlehem, PA
May 3: Denver Mini / Denver, CO
May 10: Austin Mini / Austin, TX 1
June 7: Maker Faire NC / Raleigh, NC
June 7: Vancouver Mini / Vancouver, Canada
June 28: Maker Faire Kansas City / Kansas City, MO
July 26: Maker Faire Detroit / Detroit, MI
August 23: Dover Mini / Dover, New Hampshire
September TBD: Toronto Mini / Toronto, Canada
September 13: Portland Mini / Portland, OR
September 27: Silver Spring Mini / Silver Spring, MD
October TBD: Chandler Mini / Chandler, AZ
October 4: NoCo Mini / Loveland, CO
October 26: Atlanta Mini / Atlanta, GA
November 1: Houston Mini / Houston, TX
November 16: Miami / Miami, FL
December 7: San Diego / San Diego, CA