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Earn Up to $10,000/Month Making Games on ROBLOX

March 4, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


DevEx Cycle

With the launch of new features like Developer Products and our new game universe framework, we’re giving ROBLOX developers more tools than ever before to make high-quality games that can earn massive amounts of ROBUX, which can now be exchanged for real-world currency using our Developer Exchange program. In our last DevEx article, we mentioned that the monthly limit on how much cash you could earn had risen to $2,000. We’ve adopted a new philosophy this month that we’d like to share with you: Limits? Nah.

Starting today we will cash out developers for up to $10,000 a month. That’s not a typo. Read it again if you must. This change is in an effort to reward those who spend the time and put forth the effort it takes to be serious ROBLOX game developers. Why $10,000? Does that seem like a ridiculously high number? Sure, which is exactly what we were going for. Nobody on ROBLOX makes enough ROBUX to cash out for that amount just yet — we’re hoping this new cap changes your perspective. With all the new features unveiled recently, we want our developers to start wondering how to earn the greatest amount of cash possible making ROBLOX games. We want you to begin leverage the features and updates we’ve worked hard to launch. We want you to be the first ROBLOXian to earn $10,000 a month making games on ROBLOX.

Now that the cap is set at $10,000, there is absolutely no question about it: you can make a living developing ROBLOX games. Create the game you’ve always dreamed of creating, get it out there, and earn yourself some cash. Take advantage of Developer Products, Game Passes, and the new development features we’ve launched to make massive and ambitious games. Monetize your games in ways that were previously impossible. Our wallet is open. Show us the next level of ROBLOX games.