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Game Creators and Players Reap the Benefits of Developer Products

March 18, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


Developer Products are consumable items that can be purchased in-game multiple times, giving our game developers another tool to sell valuable items and ultimately earn more money (via the Developer Exchange) for their game-creation efforts. The feature launched two weeks ago, and we’re already seeing awesome implementations. Part of my job is to highlight the work of our best and brightest developers. This article serves two purposes: to highlight a few existing uses of Developer Products on ROBLOX, and to preview some projects featuring Developer Products that are in the middle of development. Come along!


Loleris & Mad Studio use Developer Products in Darkness 2

TempBeastDarkness 2 is the sequel to one of ROBLOX’s most popular games. In it, you have to fight to survive a scythe-wielding killer who has special powers and abilities (as well as one heck of a health meter). The awesome part is that every now and again, you get to be “The Beast.” Historically your chance to be the Beast was always random, but Loleris has now implemented a Developer Product that ups your chances of being The Beast. It’s 60 ROBUX and is activated every time you purchase it. Even if you leave the game and come back to another instance, you will notice that your Developer Product is still activated. Once you’ve become The Beast, the pass expires and you are free to purchase another one. It’s a neat way to better your chances of experiencing The Beast!

Nikilis stylizes Murder

That’s right. In Murder Mystery, you can purchase in-game currency that allows you to dress up your weapons. Whether it’s a golden revolver or an epic blade (to replace your standard boring knife), you can either earn these upgrades by playing the game consistently (to earn points) or purchasing points with ROBUX (Nikilis offers a wide range of price-points) for instant gratification.


SmoothBlockModel lets you customize your Catching Fire avatar

Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of the most popular titles on ROBLOX, and SmoothBlockModel has recently implemented a points system that allows you to customize the look of your avatar in-game! You can earn these points by participating in lots of games or simply purchase different bundles of points, which are the Developer Products. You can then use points purchase outfits and color schemes. SmoothBlockModel has even added a standalone clothing store, which you can access by teleporting from any of the places wrapped up in the Catching Fire game. This is all made possible by recently released developer features. Awesome!


ErikWesley96 adds Coins to Deathrun 2

ErikWesley96 is another one of the many developers who has added his own currency to his uber-popular title Deathrun 2. You can earn coins by taking out runners as the killer or surviving rounds as a runner — or, you can purchase coins with ROBUX. You can use coins to purchase all sorts of things, including custom death animations (i.e. freezing, electrocuting, etc.) to add even more hilarity to the already frantic experience that is Deathrun 2.


Imaginareum’s Chance Boost in Skybound

A title that surges in popularity after each update, Skybound is a polished pirate-ship game that is using Developer Products to supplement the existing Game Passes. This particular Developer Product takes form as a “Chance Boost” — it’s 150 ROBUX, and it doubles your chances of finding an item from exploring crystals throughout the map. Once you find an item, the Chance Boost wears off and can be purchased again. This supplements a game that is beautifully monetized — you can use the points you earn to buy new tools, ships, weapons and more.


TheGamer101 adds Credits to Sword Fighting Tournament

In addition to owning one of the largest in-game shops on ROBLOX, TheGamer101 just added credits that can be purchased for ROBUX in the “Products” tab of his shop. You can buy one, three, or ten credits (for 10, 20 and 50 ROBUX, respectively) and use them to choose not only choose the map you’d like to play next, but the type of round you’d like to play. There are a ton of maps and modes in Sword Fighting Tournament, so it’s cool to be able to make these sorts of decisions for a small fee.



The constantly-changing Venezia now has its own currency, which you can buy at varying ROBUX price-points. This currency is called Veza, and can currently be used to teleport your ROBLOX avatar around the sprawling map. (Each teleport will run you 250… Veza… dollar things.) If you’ve visited Venezia before, you know that there are a ton of stores, restaurants and clubs, so we can’t wait to see how SONIC integrates his Veza currency further!


Other Uses

Developer Products are all over ROBLOX. The building group Klam Knights have their own virtual currency now, which is functional in all the places that comprise their game “universe.” Developer Rukiryo is hard at work developing new ROBLOX cars that are made of more than 400 parts each, and are fully drivable. Once he’s finished them up, he plans on allowing people to rent the cars for the currency he’s creating.

Developer Products are paving new paths for developers to take when crafting their next big ROBLOX game experience. There should be no limits as to what you can build, or what you can earn from your creation. That’s what you get when your game is fueled by ROBLOX.