Milestone! We’ve Paid Developers More Than $100,000 With DevEx


20, 2014

by chiefjustus

Skybound is killing it right now, and earning Imaginerium cash to develop titles on ROBLOX

Skybound is killing it right now, earning Imaginerium cash to develop more titles on ROBLOX

Our Developer Exchange program rewards (handsomely) our top developers for creating awesome games and places that are fueled by ROBLOX. We recently raised the monthly DevEx limit, and now we’re pleased to announce that we have collectively paid ROBLOX developers more than $100,000 and are thrilled to have done so. That’s because those dollars ensure that our platform is constantly being populated with quality ROBLOX titles that push their respective genres to their limits. And with recently added features — our brand-new multi-place game framework, data persistence, and consumable in-game items — we’re giving you more tools than ever to start a career in game development.

This cycle is never-ending, and we can’t wait to be surprised by the clever and dynamic ways our developers will utilize these new features. In fact, developers are already embracing their new capabilities. The possibilities inherent in these new (and upcoming) features are massive; and as always seems to be the case with new ROBLOX features (dynamic lighting, anyone?) we will soon see more new games that amaze and inspire. There have been some questions about the Developer Exchange program since it launched, so I’d like to take this opportunity to fully explain our vision. The program exists as one early (but important) piece of a very large picture — we want ROBLOX to be the place for game developers who are looking to make original, innovative games for a vast audience that appreciates their creativity and skill.

As any ROBLOX developer will tell you, our platform can teach you and empower you to make video games. For many, ROBLOX is the beginning of a career in the gaming industry (though we’re starting to see more seasoned developers get on board as well — more on this soon!). Because our platform is dependent on the content our community creates, we want to reward those who have found ways to leverage the tools and features we are constantly adding to their game-making arsenal. If you’re making games that are being played by millions of players leveraging our platform, then you’re a game developer and should be rewarded for your work.


Murder Mystery is fueled by ROBLOX

The big picture revolves around the idea of being fueled by ROBLOX. If you’re fueled by ROBLOX, you have all the tools you need to build anything you can imagine. Your creation has the potential to reach millions — all on servers that we’re happy to manage. To complete the picture, we want some of our most prolific users to earn a living from developing on our platform. We’ve already heard such awesome and amazing stories that serve as a constant reminder that the Developer Exchange is working — DevEx is helping people pay college tuition, put down payments on cars, buy better equipment to build (and play!) better games, and generally live their lives by developing on ROBLOX.

See the bigger picture? We want all developers, from all walks of life, to develop killer ROBLOX games, and get rewarded for doing so. We’re ecstatic that we’ve reached this milestone — and it’s just the first of many. That’s what being fueled by ROBLOX is all about.