You Could Make Money Streaming ROBLOX to Twitch


01, 2014

by Andrew Haak


Twitch-IconROBLOX’s presence on Twitch has been expanding rapidly over the last three weeks. Since we launched our channel, we’ve hit the front page a few times – thanks, audience! – and we’ve seen many new broadcasters start streaming their own gameplay, even reaching numbers as strong as 400+ concurrent viewers in some circumstances. To take it to the next level, we’re introducing monthly leaderboards with virtual items and cash prizes for players who do the best job of broadcasting their ROBLOX gameplay on Twitch.

Broadcaster leaderboards

We will publish the first leaderboards, and give virtual items and $100 to those in the #1 positions in early April. The data will cover a period of time starting today and running through March 31, 2014, meaning you have the whole month to work your way to the top. Following their first appearance, the leaderboards will be updated on a regular basis each month.The leaderboards will shake out like this:

Most watched ROBLOX Twitch broadcasters

This leaderboard is based on engagement, rather than the number of channel/video views (so as to eliminate those who are trying to “game” the competition). The channel that has the highest average number of minutes watched per view will win.

Important note: there will be a minimum threshold for views.

Most active ROBLOX Twitch broadcasters

This leaderboard will track the top broadcasters in terms of total time streamed. The channel with the highest total broadcast time will win.

Important note: there will be a minimum threshold for views so broadcasters don’t leave their channel running all the time with nothing happening.

Most followed ROBLOX Twitch broadcasters

With this leaderboard, the channel with the largest increase in followers (not a cumulative count) will win.

Top ROBLOX Twitch broadcasts

Here, the most popular individual broadcast will be the winner. We’ll be looking for the highest concurrent viewership for this leaderboard.

Channel of the month

This will be a monthly spotlight on a channel that might not be topping a leaderboard, but is still doing great things on Twitch.

Only broadcasts of ROBLOX games will count toward these categories. For a step-by-step guide to broadcasting ROBLOX (and therefore participating in this contest), see this blog article (particularly the section titled “Customizing your stream”).

On a related note, we’ll be launching a new broadcasting and video-creation forum Monday. Once it’s live, use it as a place to chat about Twitch broadcasting and getting your video project — for example, an entry in our ongoing commercial contest — off the ground!

If you have questions about the Twitch broadcaster leaderboards, feel free to post them in the comments.



Other Twitch news

Our next live broadcast will be the fourth episode of The Next Level. You can expect to see it live on Tuesday, March 4th, at roughly 3 p.m. Pacific Time (6 p.m. Eastern).

We’re also running a Twitch streaming challenge through Monday, March 3rd. To win, you need to broadcast yourself playing Call of ROBLOXia V on Twitch. After achieving what you believe is a record-setting killstreak, save your archived broadcast with “Call of ROBLOXia Killstreak” and your score in the title! As of Friday afternoon, the top killstreak is 33, a record owned by legobuilder97.

Send a link to your broadcast to Blockhaak or JacksSmirkingRevenge on ROBLOX. You must archive your stream in order to enter this challenge! The winner will be announced during our March 4th broadcast and receive 5,000 ROBUX.

We’ll see you on Twitch. Happy broadcasting!