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It’s Time to Save the Eggverse in the 2014 ROBLOX Egg Hunt


11, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge



[Update: The Egg Hunt is back up!]

It’s here! The official 2014 ROBLOX Egg Hunt is unveiled and ready to play. Grab some friends, spawn in the lobby (where three out of the five levels are currently playable) and get ready to save the Eggverse! Each level has its own unique sets of challenges and eggs — you’ll have to work together to obtain some of the harder-to-get eggs (hint: be on the look out for concrete squares). Other eggs actively avoid you, decoy eggs spawn attackers, and some eggs are in parts of the maps that will require some perilous climbing skills!

In the Hunt, you become part of a story where Good and Evil (in the person of two rabbits) are at war. Eggs have been scattered across time, and it’s up to you to find them and save the Eggverse. The first three chapters of the story are available to play right now, while the final two parts will be released next week. Each map takes place at a different point in time, so expect the environments to be change radically as you progress (though certain landmarks may become strangely familiar as the story unfolds). By the time you get to the third map, you’ll find a sprawling city with huge buildings and drivable cars (and buses if you’ve got a big crew!) to get you around. We don’t want to give away the visual aesthetics of the fourth and fifth levels just yet, though we can safely say the fifth and final level is unlike anything you’ve seen (or certainly we’ve made) before on ROBLOX.


You’ve got a lot of ground to cover. What will you find?

You’ve probably noticed that there is plenty of gear for sale in the catalog that work in conjunction with this title — the Rare Egg Compass in particular is very useful in locating hard-to-find eggs, while the Egg Launcher will help you dispatch pesky minions at a distance. You’ll probably also want to carry an Egg Light for underground exploring. Make sure to browse through the catalog to see what’s available within your budget.

To that effect, all of the available items can be purchased in-game inside the Shop tab at the bottom right the screen. We’ll also be implementing a crafting feature next week, where you’ll be able to purchase recipes that will show you which eggs you can craft together to give you special abilities (though remember, once you craft two eggs, they will vanish from your inventory)! There’s a global ranking tab where you can see how well others are doing and how many eggs they’ve collected. We’re hoping that competition and a desire to craft different combinations of rare eggs gives you more incentive than ever to collect not just all of the eggs, but multiple copies of each one. Not every egg is inside the game itself. You can earn eggs doing other things around the site — we’ll leave it at that.

The ROBLOX Egg Hunt is a story still unfolding — we’ll be making further updates moving forward, and will update this article when levels and/or features are released. For now, you’ve got plenty of places to explore, and a myriad of eggs to find. Welcome to the 2014 ROBLOX Egg Hunt. What will you find?