Jojomen56’s Honey Madness Is a Unique ROBLOX Experience


09, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


I guarantee you haven't played a ROBLOX game like this before.

I guarantee you haven’t played a ROBLOX game like this before.

While it’s true that we spend a lot of time writing about popular or innovative games on our platform, we also are in constant contact with a wide range of ROBLOX developers who are always eager to show us what they’ve been creating and experimenting with. Jojomen56 may be a name you’re familiar with — he was previously featured on the blog for his work creating Survivor 2.0, the sequel to his smash hit game. Though he’s still hard at work at refining the sequel, his work in creating all sorts of wildlife to inhabit Survivor 2.0 lead to the creation of something truly unique: Honey Madness.

“As you know, Survivor 2.0 is something I’ve been working on for several months,” he tells me. “Sometimes it’s good for the mind to just switch gears for a bit — it helps you keep finding new sources of inspiration. I never saw a game on ROBLOX where you control a flying insect, so I made it my mission to make the first recognized one.”

In Honey Madness, you get to be a bee. Think for a moment about what this implies. Upfront it’s a very (positively) confusing gameplay mechanic — you spawn as a bee in an open 3D world and can move freely by using your mouse. The game in its current state is what Jojomen56 calls “Free Flight Mode” — the objective is to traverse the world and collect dew from flowers on the ground below you. The feeling of true flight is phenomenal — you’re free to move in any direction at any time which is kind of disorienting to begin with. Each person who joins the server is given their own hive, which hangs from one of the several massive trees throughout the world. You can collect dew and harvest it in your hive to make honey.



“The capacity of honey for each bee is set at 250, but you can upgrade that capacity in the ‘Upgrades’ tab in the menu.”

The menu, even in its current unfinished state, is beautifully conceived. It will eventually serve as the jump-off point to the Honey Bee Game Universe, which will consist of several short and entertaining mini games with different objectives and levels, according to Jojomen56.

“I’m thinking of making this game a universe, where every mode is a different type of game. At any time you can transport back to your hive and choose to be teleported to other game modes.”

Jojomen56 is in the middle of developing the next game mode to be added to the Honey Bee universe. Warning if you get squeamish about bugs — his newest creation is as cool as it is terrifying.



“These massive spiders will function as NPCs that guard special items throughout the map,” he tells me. “Your bee can try to get these items, but if they get caught in a web or attacked by a spider, it’s game over. When you die, all the honey you’ve collected resets, so you’re going to have be very careful.”

He went on to show me an experimental place he’s been working on where you, the player, actually control the spider. Similar to the Free Flight mode of Honey Madness, this was more of a functioning prototype. As the spider you could freely crawl around another massive open world, stick to trees, and shoot strands of web, which are color coded. You can use GUI elements to manage which strings are active, meaning with the right amount of patience, you could literally build your very own web pattern. He’s working on a new level that he describes as a cave, where players will be able to participate in a spiders vs bees deathmatch.

“I just made it so that the bees can fight back,” he tells me with a laugh. “The bees can now sting!”

Going for it!

Going for it!

Spiders. Bees. Venus fly traps. Honey Madness is shaping up to be one of the more unique titles to hit our platform, and we can’t wait to see more. Jojomen56 tells me he’s been neck-deep in the development of the game, which sees as much as four to five iterations every single day. Definitely pop over to the game and give it a whirl, and follow the progression of this innovative title.