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OBJ Exporter: Open ROBLOX Files With Any 3D Software

May 13, 2014

by ConvexRumbler


You were always able to save your Studio files locally as .rbx files, but now you can export your Studio creations as .obj files. The OBJ Exporter exports all level geometry, textures, and materials of any place you create inside Studio. You can then load that file in a variety of 3D software platforms to refine, tweak, and enhance your virtual creation.

Exporting a creation is as simple as opening your place in Studio, then going to File > Export Place.

We recommend creating your own folder for the .obj file — when exported, ROBLOX games often have a large footprint (usually several hundred megabytes), so the process may take a few minutes. We’re working on adding a progress bar so you can track your save — this will be packaged into a future Studio release. If you want to just export specific aspects of your game, double click the object you want to open it in the Explorer window. Then right click the object and hit Export Selection.


Exporting a creation is as simple as opening your place in Studio, then going to File > Export Place.

Messing with lighting settings in Blender.

Here’s that exported place opened in Blender. We’re making some lighting tweaks.

Whether it’s Blender (which is free) or 3D Studio Max, you can now use your favorite 3D software to add flourishes and effects. We believe that this will allow developers and artists to make extremely detailed ROBLOX “scenes.” This also opens the door to many potential cool things — like 3D printing. Why not export your avatar and have a 3D print made. WhiteClouds is a great place to start, though remember that when you export an OBJ file, it was also create an MTL file, which tells the OBJ which JPG to pull color from. It’s a chain, and WhiteClouds needs all three files to 3D print. Show us your best and most detailed ROBLOX scene, enhanced by your favorite visual software — you now have complete control. Where will your creativity take you?