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Time to Start Submitting Your BLOXY Entries

May 3, 2014

by Andrew Haak


BLOXYs 2014
The BLOXY Awards are a veritable who’s-who of ROBLOX film-making — the premiere ROBLOX film event; our own version of the Oscars. Last month, we announced the 2014 BLOXY Awards and the four categories of submissions. Now, it’s time to start submitting your entries! Keep reading to find out how it works.

Submitting your BLOXY entry

  1. Upload your entry to YouTube
  2. Put [BLOXY 2014] in the video title
  3. Send your entry’s YouTube URL and your username to

Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on June 8th, 2014. After the entry period, we’ll create galleries of eligible submissions for each category. Viewers will be able to vote by giving the videos a “thumbs up” on YouTube. We’ll find the top vote-getters (assuming they are of BLOXY-level quality) and choose the winners from that pool.

Winners, of course, will receive a virtual BLOXY Award and have their videos screened during Virtual BLOXcon 2014 in June!

The categories

Long-form Machinima: arguably the most celebrated of categories. Tell a story – any story you can dream up, from comedy to suspense to action – using the ROBLOX engine (or ROBLOX assets in 3D graphics software) as your visual medium. Build sets, hire actors, incorporate music, script action sequences, narrate with spoken dialog, etc. The sky is the limit. Go nuts. Length: 2-5 minutes.

Short-form Machinima: tell an original short story, convert a movie trailer into ROBLOX, write a bizarre comedy skit, or do something else entirely. The only rule is the short must be filmed within the ROBLOX engine (or using ROBLOX assets in 3D graphics software). Again, feel free to build sets, hire actors, incorporate music, script action sequences, narrate with spoken dialog, etc. Use your imagination. Length: 45-90 seconds.

Music video: create a music video for a song using ROBLOX as the visual medium. You can write your own original music (about anything, including ROBLOX) or make a music video for an existing song. This has the potential to be the coolest BLOXY category yet. Length: 1-4 minutes.

Major league (ROBLOX) gaming: record yourself playing ROBLOX and capture those epic streaks, unimaginable acrobatics, and high-octane moments of excitement. Take your most dramatic clips from any variety of games and edit them together with exciting music and whatever other effects you deem fitting as a montage that shows how cool ROBLOX gameplay is (and how skilled you are). Length: 30-60 seconds.

Minor details

If you’re looking for inspiration or just need an idea of what constitutes an award-winning entry, visit our YouTube channel. We have a playlist featuring all of last year’s BLOXY winners.

Good luck, film-makers!