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We’re Getting to the Point(s): Experiment with 100x More


04, 2014

by chiefjustus


So very close.

We’ve been working hard on tweaking and refining our Player Points system so that it’s balanced, fun, and fair. We’ve implemented individual game leaderboards, where you can see the top Points earners for games that award them. We’ve also released the Top Points sort on the Games page, which shows what games have awarded the most Points in the last 24 hours. Now, we want to give you, developers and players, the heads up: Player Points are extremely close to launching officially — so this is your last chance to experiment and provide feedback on the feature before it becomes official.

We’re right on the cusp of our final reset, which will take everyone’s Player Points score back to zero and mark the launch of the feature. You’ll be able to earn real, tangible Points from game creators and keep them. Starting tomorrow, we’re multiplying the amount of Points awarded to game developers by 100, which means there will be a lot more points available for distribution. We’re doing this to monitor new patterns in both player activity and involvement, and to see how (or if) our recently released Top Points sort changes.

With summer almost upon us, we’ve got a ton of new and exciting announcements to make in regards to Player Points, and the very way the ROBLOX economy and ecosystem functions. Keep your eyes on the blog, and make sure to join us on Saturday, June 21st for our Virtual BLOXcon, where ROBLOX staff will be on hand to game with you, answer your questions live, unveil new features and site events, and more!