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Hallow’s Eve Is Coming!


11, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


[Update: Hallow’s Eve is here!]

Many members of the Games team have been hard at work developing a Halloween map that is 5X the size of last year’s — kidding, kidding. What we’ve brought to the table this year for our favorite spooky holiday is far different than anything we’ve put out there for any previous holiday season. We’re proud to present a sneak preview of the upcoming official Halloween game: Hallow’s Eve!

Hallow’s Eve will release early next week and be an exercise in action-survival. You’ll join up with friends to battle zombies, demons, vampires, and a plethora of other types of creepy monsters in six levels, all based on popular ROBLOX maps, and all in defense of your cauldron. You’ll be able to wield an arsenal of weapons, including the default Candy Thrower, Candy Bomb (unlocked at level 10), Rapid Candy Launcher (unlocked at level 20), while purchasable gear like the Monster Compass and Monster Detector will make you a more efficient hunter! Keep a keen eye out — the baddies will come from all angles of the level, and emerge from the dark fog of night.

There will be sponsored Disney Kirby Bucket rounds, where you fight Dawnzillas with an exclusive weapon unique only to the mode — we don’t want to give away the weapon, but it’s awesome. You’ll also be able to track each of the enemies you’ve faced with your Monster Dex, and earn exclusive prizes and badges by performing well and leveling up. Some badges can only be earned under special circumstances (like being in a server with a ROBLOX admin or defeating a specific type of rarely seen monster)! It will take several hours to defeat super rare enemies like Lord Umberhallow and Vampire Vlad.

Ahhhh! Stay outta my Haunted Mansion!

Ahhh! Stay out of my Haunted Mansion!

Finally, as the levels continue to grow in size and difficulty, it’ll become more and more important that you cooperate and strategize with the players in your server to cover the many different points of attack your enemies can take (thanks, pathfinding AI!).

In the mood for Halloween yet? Be here next week to duel all the monsters out there and fight to survive Hallow’s Eve!