Mobile Video Ads Payout Rate Increases (Again) to 1:1


10, 2014

by BrightEyes


Back in September, we launched an in-game mobile advertising API, which allows game creators to show video ads to non-Builders Club mobile players in exchange for ROBUX. The API’s functions give developers full control over the playback of video ads, meaning they can be implemented such that they’re a seamless part of the game. Since the launch of the feature, we’ve been monitoring how it’s being used and tweaking the rate at which we reward ad impressions — as of today, we have increased the rate to one ROBUX for every one ad impression. You can now earn ROBUX 20 times faster than you could at the launch of this feature!

Mobile video ads are a great opportunity for developers with mobile-friendly games to supplement their income — especially considering ROBLOX’s recent growth on mobile. For more technical information and best practices, we recommend you read our initial blog announcement of the feature and the ROBLOX Wiki documentation.

While we’re on the topic of game monetization, it’s worth pointing out that developers can also now download monthly earnings spreadsheets in CSV format via their Developer Stats. This is a great tool for recording and analyzing earnings trends, as spreadsheet wizards can import the data in Excel, Google Docs, and other similar software to create graphs and charts for a visual data representation. To access your reports, go to your game’s page and click “Developer Stats.” Then, select the Monthly Stats tab, choose a month, and click “Generate CSV.” The data is broken down by the item sold and the game in which it was sold, and includes data regarding Game Passes, Developer Products, gear commissions, and more.

Good luck with your game!