Two New ROBLOX Badges (and a New Look) Arrive


14, 2014

by Andrew Haak


Now that we’ve changed the way Points and Leaderboards work, we’ve decided to breathe fresh life into one of the longest-running, platform-wide meta games on our site: ROBLOX Badges. ROBLOX Badges are cross-game achievements that you can unlock by completing specific objectives, such as playing ROBLOX for one+ year (Veteran) and attracting 100+ visits to your game (Homestead). We have not only refreshed the look of the existing Badges, but added a couple new Badges to unlock — and aim to release new ones on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.

New Badges

With this update, we’re introducing two new Badges.

  • Welcome To The Club: awarded to anyone who has ever purchased a Builders Club membership and, going forward, everyone who purchases Builders Club for the first time
  • Official Model Maker: hand-awarded to builders whose models are endorsed by the ROBLOX Studio team

Existing Badges

Existing Badges will receive an art makeover. We are retiring the “Inviter” badge, but, if you’ve already earned it, it’ll continue to display on your profile.

  • Admin: granted only to members of the ROBLOX staff
  • Veteran: awarded when a member’s account reaches one year of age
  • BC: awarded to anyone who purchases a Builders Club membership
  • TBC: awarded to anyone who purchases a Turbo Builders Club membership
  • OBC: awarded to anyone who purchases an Outrageous Builders Club membership
  • Friendship: awarded when a member makes 20 friends
  • Homestead: awarded when a member’s game accumulates 100 visits
  • Bricksmith: awarded when a member’s game accumulates 1,000 visits
  • Combat Initiation: awarded to members who achieve 10 KOs with less than 10 WOs
  • Warrior: awarded to members who achieve 100 KOs with less than 100 WOs
  • Bloxxer: awarded to members who achieve 250 KOs with less than 250 WOs

To see all the available ROBLOX Badges in one place, see this page.

Add custom achievements to your games

While official ROBLOX Badges are a site-wide meta game, game creators can also add their own achievements to their games using Player Badges and the Points and Leaderboards system.

Enjoy the new look for Badges — and look forward to more challenges in the future!