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Roblox Action Series 4 & Celebrity Collection Series 2 Toys Now Available

August 23, 2018

by free_tako


Since launching our first line of toys in early 2017, we’ve grown exponentially as a next generation entertainment platform encompassing millions of players and game creators worldwide. With countless numbers of games being created on our platform every day, we strive to provide our fans with new and fun ways to celebrate the creativity of the community not just on-screen but off-screen as well!

Today we’re excited to present not one but two brand-new collections of Roblox toys: our fourth series of Action Toys and the second series in our Celebrity Collection!

That’s two new batches of mystery boxes, each set with 24 collectible figures. Every figure can be taken apart, so you’ll be able to mix, match, and trade individual parts with your friends. Plus, every single package—whether it’s a blind box, playset, or core figure pack—contains a code you can redeem for exclusive virtual items on Roblox!

Left to right: Tomarty, Lillian Shield of the Kingdom, Natural Disaster Survivor, Imaginaerum

Series 4 Action Mystery Boxes come packed in a brick red box. Inside you’ll find figurines inspired by popular Roblox games, developers, and characters, including the Natural Disaster Survivor from Stickmasterluke’s hit game, badcc (Bloxy-winning Jailbreak developer), and the Pet Seller from Alexnewtron’s one and only MeepCity!

Mix and match or trade with your friends!

The sapphire-coated Series 2 Celebrity Mystery Boxes include classic characters and fan-favorite Roblox personas, like Mimi_Dev‘s Robloxia Zookeeper, the anime-loving Chitobae from Life of an Otaku, and Royale High School developer callmehbob!

You can pick up Roblox toys from Target and Walmart or online from Amazon! You can also keep track of both your growing collection and newly released figures, vehicles, and playsets by visiting!

To celebrate the launch of our new toys, we are hosting a Toy Giveaway Contest on our Instagram (@Roblox) page! Learn how to enter here:

Crezak: The Legend

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