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Introducing the Roblox Career Center: A new way to experience recruiting

August 10, 2023

by Jason Buss, Vice President of Talent Acquisition

People & Culture News

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Roblox Career Center — an experience directly on Roblox where early career candidates can dive into our immersive platform firsthand and learn what it’s like to be a part of a company that is reimagining the way people come together.

Eliminating geographical boundaries and showcasing our platform

We believe the most important product we’re building is not Roblox the platform, but Roblox the company — the people who come in every day to help advance our mission to connect a billion people with optimism and civility. Our innovation is only possible by building a workforce that embodies a broad range of skills, perspectives, and backgrounds.

While ideal from an engagement standpoint, traditional in-person recruiting has its limitations. There are only so many universities and prospective candidates that our recruiting team can engage with in person. The Roblox Career Center enables us to reach early career candidates across the world — eliminating geographic constraints from the recruiting process and avoiding all that’s lacking in static recruiting approaches, such as web pages and video conferencing meetings. It also highlights everything that makes our platform a unique destination for human connection and communication: interactivity, self-expression, and immersion. What better way for candidates to understand what they may be working on than to experience features, like spatial audio and the ability to animate avatars with movement, right within our recruiting experience. 

A new way to experience recruiting

Within the experience, candidates can learn more about the complex technical challenges we are tackling and the innovation we are driving through immersive events, podcasts, and conversations with Roblox employees. This is a new way for us to introduce what it’s like to work here, while helping candidates become familiar with our platform.

“We decided to build this experience specifically for candidates who are just starting out their careers, many of whom are already familiar with our platform from when they played on Roblox as they were growing up. We think this is a great way to showcase the Roblox platform and help candidates visualize themselves working here.” – Ryan Fitzpatrick, Senior Director, Early Career Talent at Roblox

Navigating the experience

While some candidates are familiar with Roblox, for many, this will be the first time that they’ll enter into a Roblox experience. Our goal is to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. Visitors just learning about Roblox can head to the Innovation Lab where they can learn about our innovative product roadmap and listen to stories directly from our employees. 

avatar listens to podcast in the podcast lounge

Next, visitors can check out the Podcast Lounge, where they can listen to clips of our Tech Talks Podcasts, hosted by Roblox Co-founder & CEO Dave Baszucki, as he and special guests explore the technical challenges and innovative ideas we’re working on.

Prepare for an interview

We support our candidates throughout each step of the interview process, starting with preparation materials. In the Library, visitors can find a curated selection of books and other reading materials to review as they prepare for their interviews. We have crafted a one-stop shop of information with a range of topics, including our history, recent innovations, our philosophy and approach to interviewing, and a guide on what to expect throughout the interview process.

We also have a room dedicated to our problem-solving assessments. Over the past several years, these assessments have played an important role in providing an equitable opportunity for all candidates, regardless of background, to demonstrate job relevant skills. Candidates can take practice tests to see what they may experience during their interview process.

Coming soon, we’ll be inviting candidates to conduct certain initial interviews directly within the experience. 

Attend an immersive event

In today’s connected world, virtual events have become common. However, experiencing an event in Roblox is far more immersive. For this year, our focus will be on hosting a variety of virtual, immersive events in the space. We recently hosted our first event with Roblox CTO Dan Sturman, where he shared his journey to Roblox and his vision for its future. We hosted over 85 students in the experience, where they were able to hear not only more from Dan and our Early Career Team, but also to experience first-hand our innovative technology. 

“It’s one thing to talk about our technical innovations to recruits; it’s something completely different to have them experience those innovations on the platform themselves. The Roblox Career Center is a great example of how we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on our platform.” – Daniel Sturman, Chief Technology Officer at Roblox

Dan Sturman talks about Roblox's mission and vision in the Roblox Career Center

The new Roblox Career Center will be one more way for us to reach top talent, wherever they are. Ready to check it out for yourself? Head to the Roblox Career Center to experience the future of recruiting. If you’re interested in learning more about our open Early Career roles and how you can apply, you can see our current Intern roles here and New Graduate, Full Time roles here. Be sure to visit our Careers site regularly as we open more roles this season