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Roblox Week 2023: Innovation in Action

August 8, 2023

by Roblox

People & Culture

We recently held our third Roblox Week at headquarters in San Mateo. This semi-annual event brings our employees together to connect and collaborate as we drive innovation and pursue our shared vision of reimagining how people come together.  

Inventing What’s Next

We opened Roblox Week with a Town Hall, where CEO and Founder David Baszucki talked about the path ahead of us to realize our vision. While highlighting our progress to date, he also reflected on the innovation still required as we work toward a billion people connecting with one another all at the same time, all on Roblox. David emphasized the importance of this work: “This is a critical moment for humanity, and we have a responsibility to use our collective power and tenacity to help people build real, meaningful connections.”

David standing on stage in front of a slide that says Technology + Humanity

During Town Hall, our leaders also shared some of the cutting-edge technical challenges we’re solving today, and the creative inventions being built to realize a future where Roblox is the place you go to find others who are interested in both what you are and who you are. It was exciting to see product demos that showcased how we’re enabling more immersive communication, expanded opportunities for our users to express themselves, and simplified ways to create and build on our platform so anyone can bring new worlds to life just by describing them. All of this in a safe, civil, and welcoming environment.

Nick Tornow, Tian Lim, and Neha Naran in front of a slide

A Shared Vision, One Critical Product

David was joined by Arvind KC, who recently started at Roblox as Chief People & Systems Officer, for a fireside chat about the company’s most important asset, our people. KC talked about his unique role — one that sits at the intersection of technology and people leadership: “When you combine engineering rigor with deep empathy for our community, that’s where the magic happens. We aim to create an environment where everyone is able to thrive and reach their highest potential. Through that, the company achieves its goals. If we get people and systems right, the rest will flow from there.”

Driving real innovation requires a culture of listening, fostering continuous learning, and welcoming a wide range of backgrounds, thoughts, and skills. KC saidinnovation requires brainstorming, and brainstorming requires a diversity of ideas and that every voice is heard.” David closed the session by reaffirming that in order to achieve our ambitious vision, we must continue to build a creative and diverse workforce and foster an inclusive environment where all voices can contribute to driving innovation at scale.

Togetherness Amplified

All week long, our employees had the chance to attend various events on and around campus. After Town Hall, many teams across the company participated in “Innovation Booths,” short presentations that provided a peek into each team’s day-to-day work. Employees were able to learn from groups up and down the stack, bridging collaboration gaps and inspiring creative problem solving. In leadership sessions, people managers came together to share their learnings and insights with one another around values-driven leadership.

Roblox Leadership panel

On Friday, we wrapped up a productive week with our annual summer picnic to celebrate innovation and, as David shared, “the incredible collection of people who are inventing the future together.” We will continue to learn and evolve together as an organization, and are already looking forward to the next Roblox Week!  

Join us on our journey to reimagine the way people come together, with memorable moments of connection and collaboration along the way. Our talented team is growing, visit the Roblox careers site to explore open opportunities.