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New Study Points to Roblox’s Positive Impact for Brands

May 1, 2024

by By Allison McDuffee, Global Head of Brand Insights & Measurement

  • Metrics are a key component of brands’ investment decisions, which is why Roblox is committed to developing insights and measurement tools that provide a deep understanding of our audience.
  • Our recent audience impact and brand lift study found that brands on Roblox are received positively.
  • 75% of Roblox users say they are more likely to notice brands that advertised on Roblox vs. elsewhere.
  • As Roblox rolls out video ads to all eligible brands today, study results point to these ads’ ability to generate impact across key brand objectives.

As we work to bring more brands to Roblox, we know that they want proof points that can guide their investment decisions. That’s why we’re committed to continuously measuring and improving the impact of brand presence on our platform. Our goal is to develop insights and measurement tools that provide brands with a deep understanding of the Roblox audience and reimagine how they evaluate the success of their Roblox partnerships. As we build our advertising platform, we’re committed to doing so with safety and civility in mind, and to ensuring that ads on Roblox are safe, transparent, and respectful of user privacy.

In March, we conducted an audience impact and brand lift study in conjunction with Latitude. * The early findings from this study of 2,100 participants demonstrated that people have a positive reception to brands on Roblox. For example, 78 percent of respondents said they enjoy immersive experiences from brands on Roblox, while 82 percent said they appreciate brands that provide in-experience content, like avatar items and special mini-games. And 86 percent said Roblox was a “good or great” partner for helping to promote brands.

Brands That Advertise on Roblox Stand Out

Since last year, we’ve been experimenting with Immersive Ads that allow developers to insert ad units into their Roblox experiences. Our study shows that the early results of this, and our other advertising initiatives, are positive. For example, three quarters of respondents said that they believe brands that advertise on Roblox feel innovative and unique, while 73 percent see brands that advertise on Roblox as category leaders. 

Since the end of 2023, we’ve also been testing video ads with a limited number of advertising partners and studying the impact of that initiative. And today, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our Immersive Ads offerings and bringing video ads to all eligible advertisers. This is an important step forward, as it enables more brands to directly share their messages with tens of millions of our community members without creating custom-built content. It’s also an extension of a growing opportunity for Roblox developers to monetize their experiences.

Impact From Video Ads and User Reactions

In our study, we found that Roblox users responded positively to video ads from multiple brands and consumer categories.  In fact, 75 percent of respondents said they’re more likely to notice brands that advertise on Roblox versus elsewhere. In part, that’s because the attention-grabbing video ads that were part of the study were designed to be immersive and to not disrupt the user experience. 

When averaged across the brands** in our test, Roblox video ads generated statistically significant increases in all key metrics — brand awareness, ad awareness, opinion, consideration, and recommendation. 

Users exposed to a Roblox video ad were significantly more likely than non-viewers to take the following actions:

  • Visit the brand’s Roblox experience (+10pp***)
  • Post about the brand on social media (+5pp)
  • Watch brand advertisements online (+4pp)
  • Check out the brand’s website (+4pp)
  • Follow the brand on social media (+4pp)
  • Search for more info about the brand (+3pp)

It’s still early days in our efforts to give brands new and richer ways to get their messages to our global community of 71.5 million**** daily active users. But we’re proud of our early research insights showing that these efforts are having a beneficial impact for our brand partners and our developers, and we can’t wait to help them take it to the next level.


* Study conducted via Latitude March 20-27, 2024 among 2,100 U.S. respondents who spend time on Roblox at least monthly, including 300 in the control group and 1,800 users ages 13-49 exposed to immersive video ads from multiple brands across different consumer categories on the platform. Results based on Top 2 box where applicable.
** Brand lift results averaged across three brands tested. 
*** pp = percentage point lift.
**** As of the fourth quarter of 2023 ending December 31, 2023.