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Build It, Play It Returns With a Dazzling New Challenge

June 10, 2021

by Genevieve Johnson, Senior Instructional Designer/Education Team

Community Creators

We’re excited to announce the newest installment of our semi-annual “Build It, Play It” educational series, designed to inspire our global community to learn how to build and publish their own Roblox experiences. Titled the “Mansion of Wonder,” our latest interactive coding and design challenge will show new and skilled developers alike how to add a bit of sparkle (or smoke, or fireworks) to their creations through the use of particle effects.

When we thought about the theme for this summer’s challenge, we came up with effects because they’re an important aspect of making 3D experiences come to life, not to mention they’re a lot of fun to work with! Those who aren’t familiar with using our development tool, Roblox Studio, will learn the basics of particle effects. More experienced developers, on the other hand, will design an interactive guide using particle emitters and scripts to help users navigate their way through their creation. By completing the challenges, participants can also obtain codes that can be redeemed for exclusive virtual items on Roblox.

Build It, Play It is part of our commitment to making Roblox the most engaging platform for creators of all ages and ability levels to express themselves and learn valuable STEM skills. Over 200,000 new experiences were published on Roblox as a result of last summer’s Build It, Play It: Island of Move challenge, which is a testament to the incredible impact these programs have on our community. Each challenge focuses on a specific area of expertise within Roblox Studio, so there are always new skills to master. In doing so, developers can continue to learn valuable skills to create deeper, richer, and more immersive experiences on the Roblox platform.

Everyone who participates in the Build It, Play It: Mansion of Wonder challenge will have the chance to submit their creations into a contest to be featured on our social channels. The contest runs from June 25 through July 23, and winners will be announced on August 13. Follow us on Twitter at @RobloxEdu for the full contest details and entry requirements once it goes live.

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