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Working at Roblox: Meet Max Zhang

March 1, 2022

by Roblox

People & Culture

Max Zhang is joining Roblox as a Software Engineer on the Social Communication team. He is a recent college graduate and started at Roblox as a Software Engineering Intern.

Describe your experience as an intern at Roblox. What does a day-in-the-life look like for a Software Engineering intern?

I was a software engineering intern on the Social team, where I worked on the Voice Chat system. The internship was a balance of work and fun. We started most days with a morning meeting where we reported on our progress. Then, we worked on projects either independently or in groups. Almost every day, we participated in fun events or activities to recharge and socialize. I also had daily check-ins with my mentor where I could ask questions and receive advice on my projects or career goals in general.

Tell us about a project you worked on as an intern. What is unique about this project?

One of my projects was a voice chat moderation system that will enable voice chat to be used safely by Roblox users of all ages. This project was one of the more challenging intern projects because of its scale. I needed to write many functionalities, both on the front end and the back end. It was also quite timely, as voice chat launched into production the very same week that I finished my project. 

What made you want to join the Roblox team full-time? 

It was always my dream to work for a company like Roblox. Although Roblox is a platform for human co-experience that includes both social media and gaming functionality, there are a lot of innovative video/audio technologies that I can learn as well. During the internship, everyone was super nice, and they encouraged me to learn about all of the different teams and projects. The internship really showed me that Roblox is a great place to work.

What do you enjoy most about the company culture at Roblox? 

I love how passionate people are about their projects and how helpful and friendly everyone is. Roblox is a place where I am challenged every day, but I also have a great time with my coworkers.

What are you most excited for as you begin your career journey at Roblox? 

The most exciting thing for software engineers working at Roblox is all of the unique projects. I get to work on technologies other companies don’t have, and I get to freely explore different fields of computer science. In the future, I’m looking forward to learning more about game engines and graphics.

Interested in intern or new grad opportunities at Roblox? We’re always looking for new talent, so check our University Programs and see if there’s a role that’s right for you.