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Funding the Future of Roblox Creations

September 20, 2022

by Jad Boniface

Community Creators

At Roblox our goal is always to support developers who love to experiment with new technology and want to push the boundaries of what exists on Roblox. And we found millions of talented creators from around the world who are building incredible experiences on the platform. From the visually breathtaking environments in Winds of Fortune leveraging our new Materials system to intense mystery and surprise in the beloved social horror game Secret Neighbor, we’ve been blown away by the creativity and technical innovation on display.

That’s why we’re contributing another $10 million to Game Fund—our international program dedicated to providing funding and support for creators who are looking to build the next generation of experiences on Roblox. For a handful of these ambitious creators, we are providing the funding they need to de-risk creation and guidance from strategy to conception.

The Next Generation of Roblox Experiences

With this $35 million fund, we’re looking for projects with innovative gameplay, ambitious visual designs, and creative ideas that are unlike anything else on the platform. Current Game Fund participants have wowed us with compelling cross-platform gameplay, engaging social mechanics, dynamic in-game avatars, and creative economic models. 

Rolling Thunder, for example, continues to draw players in with its large-scale, high-fidelity environments, attracting 20 million visits to the player versus player (PvP) alpha and player versus environment (PvE) demo. Creators Jandel and Foryxe presented at the Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) last weekend on how they found success and built player loyalty through rapid iteration with Game Fund. You can find the recording on our YouTube channel in the coming days.

Initial Showcase

Over the next few months, you’ll start to see more recipients roll out Alphas, Betas, and full releases of their forthcoming experiences, including the following new recipients: 

  • Maximillian Studios, creator of Frontlines, a blockbuster FPS game with an unrivaled visual aesthetic.
  • Sawhorse, creator of the highly anticipated Fashion Klossette, a next-generation fashion experience built in partnership with supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss, who recently launched Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase on Roblox.
  • Phaser Lock Interactive, creator of Primal Hunt, an action-packed, multiplayer dinosaur hunting experience.
  • Kong Orange and Chop Chop Games, creators of Skullbeat, a musical auto-battler powered by dance moves and style points.
  • tinyBuild and Amber Studio, creators of Secret Neighbor, a multiplayer social horror game.

These creators join existing recipients Rodeo Interactive, whose playable Alpha for the fast-paced, multiplayer FPS game RIOTFALL is available on Roblox today; Blockage, the creator of isometric cyberpunk role-playing game neonKnights; Looty Games, which is building a competitive roguelite called Project Ruin; as well as Secret Neighbor by Tiny Build, Winds of Fortune by Sonar Studios, and Rolling Thunder by Splitting Point Studios.

Check out a sneak peek of what they’re building! 

Join the Roblox Community 

We know making something that has never existed before isn’t easy. It takes significant time, and it’s risky taking an unproven path. For those eager to pursue creative ideas that are unlike anything else, the Game Fund is just one of many programs we have in place to support creators. Click here to submit your application to the Roblox Game Fund today, read more about our other programs dedicated to supporting developers on our DevForum and check out our post on the value for developers and creators on Roblox here.

Whether you’re an individual creator, a professional development studio, or something in between, Roblox provides the technology and support for creators to bring their visions to life. Congratulations to all Game Fund participants to date, and we’re so excited for what the next chapter of Game Fund creators have to offer.