How Engaging With Players In and Out of ROBLOX Makes Your Game Better

Game development is about so much more than building a game and publishing it. The games you see on the front page of ROBLOX consistently have something in common: the developers continue to improve their games, keeping them fresh with new content and finding new and innovative ways to engage with players.

Many developers are using social media and video streaming as a way to not only promote their game pre-release, but also keep the excitement going. You may have seen members of the Mad Studio team streaming the development of new modes for Mad Paintball on Twitch. On Twitter, if you check the hashtag #ROBLOXDev, you’ll find many users posting progress of their builds.

And then there’s Taymaster, who has been pulling all the right levers on social media over the last year to keep his games popular and fresh.

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The Latest and Greatest ROBLOX Twitch Channels

Throughout 2014, we worked to not only launch and grow the ROBLOX Twitch channel, but help you — the gamers of the ROBLOX community — get your own streams up and running. Part of this was the monthly streaming leaderboards, with which we rewarded top broadcasters for entertaining viewers, being active, and doing unique and noble things live on camera. December was the final leg of the leaderboard program, and this post shows you who, of the 2,170 people who streamed ROBLOX to Twitch, topped the charts at the close of the year.

We’re going to find new ways to make Twitch streaming even more fun in 2015, so stay tuned to twitch.tv/roblox.

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Let It Snow with ROBLOX’s Winter Games 2015

Winter is in full force here at ROBLOX, and with it come the 2015 Winter Games! For the rest of January you’ll have the chance to earn eight awesome ROBLOX hats and gear items.

We’ve called upon the talented ROBLOX community to create winter themed versions of some of the most popular games. Apocalypse Rising, Flood Escape, ROBLOX Top Model, and Reason 2 Die headline this year’s event, all dusted with fresh powder, and looking cooler than ever.

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Tell Us What You Think About Our New Twitch Show

Yesterday we premiered our brand new Twitch show, known simply (and tentatively) as the Developer Showcase. On it we interviewed DevAdrian, the creator of the new hit game, Risky Strats. It’s an ambitious show for us, requiring new equipment and a lot more planning than The Next Level, but it’s worth it because we can simultaneously show off cool ROBLOX games and hear how they are made, straight from the people who make them. If you missed the Twitch stream, fear not; right below is the entire show. Give it a watch!

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Meet the Mastermind Behind Risky Strats

Hey ROBLOXians, we’ve got some exciting news for you! This Friday, January 16th at 4 p.m. Pacific Time, we’re launching a brand-spanking-new Twitch show where you can meet, chat with, and play games against the people who make your favorite games on ROBLOX. The show is as yet unnamed, but will focus on the developers of ROBLOX’s most popular and highest-rated games. To kick off the series, we’re highlighting one of the coolest new games to hit ROBLOX, Risky Strats, and the talented creator behind it, DevAdrian.

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The Top Games of 2014

When you’re in a game, concentrating on throwing knives or mining gems, it’s hard to step back and think about just how expansive ROBLOX is. But with 4.5 million active users each month, and a game library that could last you and all of your friends a lifetime, it’s quickly apparent that ROBLOX is huge. Now that 2014 has come to an end, we’ve had the chance to take a look at the numbers from December — and the year as a whole. The kinds of games that were popular on ROBLOX vary from hardcore action, to casual sims, and even games that redefine genres. We’ve compiled the numbers so you can see how many times the most popular ROBLOX games have been played. (Spoiler alert: a lot.)

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The New Class of Developers Are Turning Games into Their Playground

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra.com. We’ve decided to re-publish it here on our official blog.

The gaming industry is evolving. You can see that in the rise of indie games — games that in the past wouldn’t have been even a blip on the mainstream radar — and sandbox titles that allow players to mold their own experiences. Today, games like Gone Home and Depression Quest push the boundary of what is even considered a game. Minecraft and Rust and Project Spark let players make the game to varying degrees. For the first time in the industry’s history, small voices are shaping the future; gaining more attention and weight. Video games are no longer what big publishers tell us they are. They’re what gamers want them to be.

At ROBLOX we have an interesting perspective on the evolution of gaming. As a game creation platform, all the games on our website are made by users, and it’s their interests and passions that determine what games succeed.

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