Get a Sneak Peek at our BLOXtober Event!

BLOXtober, ROBLOX’s spooky October event, kicks off next week, but to whet your appetite we’ve got a little sneak peek at the brand new game created exclusively for the holiday.

ROBLOX developer Davidii (creator of Heroes) has teamed up with skilled builder Quenty (creator of Whatever Floats Your Boat) to create a type of game we’ve never seen on ROBLOX before: an on-rails shooter through a haunted mansion and graveyard. It’s scary, it’s exciting, and it’s mobile friendly! Check out some of these screens to see the gorgeous work Quenty has done on the project:

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New Chats and Parties Make Playing With Friends Easier Than Ever

Today we’re testing out a brand new site feature on ROBLOX that will make it easier for you to chat and play games with your friends. The new chats and parties system is a complete overhaul, adding new functionality and a slick new design.

For the next couple hours the new chat system will be running live on the site. Take a look at it, try it out, and let us know what you think in the comments of this blog. We’ll be turning it back off later today, but don’t worry, it will come back on permanently very soon.

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ROBLOX Game Review: Hexaria

I love Hexaria. It’s awesome, you should play it. I could probably just end my review there if not for all of the awesome features and content in the game to talk about. Strategic cards, unique game design, beautiful maps and fun with your friends are what I have time to cover in this review, but it has so much more to it. So let’s take a brief look at Biostream, MisterObvious, and Crykee’s new MMORPG Trading Card Game, Hexaria MMORPG Demo.

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Creator Showcase: Mountebank Draws Inspiration from Japanese Architecture and Disney Films

Creator Showcases are a series of blog posts highlighting the works of some of ROBLOX’s best showcase artists. If you know of builders out there who deserve recognition, link us to one of their places in the comments below!

Often times on ROBLOX we tend to focus on the awesome games that players participate in daily (I mean who doesn’t love a good round of Twisted Murder, am I right?). However, there are amazing developers who create worlds of their own which aren’t related to games at all. Mountebank is one of these talented builders who has created a vast variety of worlds using ROBLOX Studio!

Mountebank’s showcase Sunset Shima allows your ROBLOX character to explore a gorgeous Japanese style world. Walking around Mountebank’s well-crafted place, your ROBLOX character can experience a Japanese island getaway! Featuring amazing Japanese architecture, bridges, waterfalls, and flora.

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ROBLOX Coming to Xbox One This Holiday

From our beginnings on PC, ROBLOX and our creators have pushed the boundaries of Community Created Gaming. We’ve expanded to Mac, iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. Each time we added a platform, more players from all over the world were able to join the ROBLOX community and play together. And for years, we’ve been looking forward to making the leap to a major console… Well, that day is now just around the corner.

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