Light Your World with New Surface Lights

Lighting is one of the most important parts of designing a game. Low light and heavy shadows create tension. Bright lights and vibrant colors bring out the cheer in players. ROBLOX’s dynamic lighting engine allows you to achieve these effects – and everything in between – and we have now updated it to include the Surface Light. This new type of light complements the existing Point Light and Spot Light, and gives you an easy way to illuminate large surfaces and vast spaces.

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The ROBLOX Team “Game Jams” in Just Three Hours

Game jams are events that bring developers together to design and create a game, typically within a ridiculously short amount of time (somewhere between a day and a weekend). We recently held one of our own at ROBLOX HQ – both as a fun evening event for our crew and to experience the product we’re creating just as our community does. We gave it our own unique spin: two or three people per team, three hours only. Turns out, even with such a severe resource constraint, ROBLOX remains a really good platform to create something substantial.

ROBLOX lets individuals and small teams turn ideas into working prototypes fast, in no small part because multiplayer networking, physics, hosting, and other such engine-level features are built in. While not every team in our game jam finished a working game, we thought it would be cool to show you what some of the groups accomplished in the mere three hours they were allotted.

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Secure Your Ticket for ROBLOX Developers Conference West

The first ROBLOX Developers Conference, known as RDC West, is less than three weeks away. We have a small number of tickets remaining, and we’re looking for a final round of creators – either proven or aspiring – to join us for the event in downtown San Francisco from Friday, March 6th through Sunday, March 8th. If you’re available at least part of that weekend (the main event is Saturday) and interested in purchasing a ticket to attend, fill out this survey so we can learn a little more about you!

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Meet Berezaa, the Creator of 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon

Berezaa is well known for creating 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon, a game with classic ROBLOX style but modern twists in its cooperative play and emphasis on combat. He’s also known for laying the foundation for many of today’s most popular tycoon-style games with his free tycoon kit. The kit, which takes the form of a ROBLOX model, has been downloaded from our shared asset library more than 40,000 times and has been used as the building blocks for such games as the newly popular Mars Invasion Tycoon. Needless to say, Berezaa works hard to support his game’s community, the tycoon-developer community, and the deep well of content in 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon.

We hosted Berezaa on the third pilot episode of our new Developer Showcase series and had a great time learning more about him and his games. If you missed the stream on Friday the 13th, we recommend you watch this highlight and, after you’re done, let us know what you think!

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The Top Games of January, 2015

The sheer variety of ROBLOX games is pretty astounding. If you look at the most popular games on Steam, or in terms of retail sales, the genres and themes are similar across the board. But the diverse community of ROBLOX players and creators makes the popular games list the most varied collection of games around.

The top games of January feature everything from murder mystery games, tycoons, and first-person shooters to roleplaying games, survival games, and the ROBLOX exclusive genre: making a bunch of pizzas.

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ROBLOX Teaches Coding at Bay Area Elementary School

ROBLOX is all kinds of fun, but there’s no doubt that our community members gain valuable life skills by engaging in the creative process of going from gamer to game creator. Coding, digital modeling, communication, entrepreneurship, business savvy – these are all things anyone can pick up by participating in ROBLOX’s bustling creator community. Even educators have started taking notice of ROBLOX’s potential as a learning tool, and we’re working to make that more common – starting locally.

A couple weeks ago, five members of the ROBLOX team headed to the E.R. Taylor Elementary School in our Bay Area home to introduce basic coding to a group of roughly 70 third- through fifth-graders. That might seem too young to start building and coding in ROBLOX Studio, but today there really is no “too young” to start absorbing tech knowledge.

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Friends and Followers Makes ROBLOX More Social, and Even More Fun

ROBLOX has more than 4.5 million active players every month. Many of you have told us that you would like a more comprehensive social experience. You would like to be able to play and join games with your Friends. You would like to be able to gauge how you’re doing, in any game, in relation to your Friends. You would like to be able to create games with these social aspects in mind. Basically, you’ve told us that friends should be able to play and compete with one another – easily. Friends and Followers is a new way of making social connections on ROBLOX, and a feature that lays the groundwork for these exciting social gameplay and game development possibilities.

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