The Memorial Day Sale is Here!

It’s a holiday weekend here in the United States, which means a few things. One, a day off of school (hooray!) and two, The ROBLOX MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE is here!

Starting this evening, and continuing through Monday, May 25, we’ll be filling the catalog with awesome stuff. We’re releasing brand new items. We’re discounting some of the most coveted hats and packages. We’re even bringing certain special hats out of retirement for a limited time.

Take a look at some of the amazing items on offer.

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Challenge Your Rivals in ROBLOX’s May Event: Ultimate Competition

Itching for another site event? Want to earn exclusive badges and hats? Well good news, ROBLOXians, because starting Monday, May 11 you’ll have the opportunity to score sweet items and show off your mad gaming skills.

The theme for May’s site event is Ultimate Competition, and focuses on three competitive, multiplayer ROBLOX games that embody the spirit of friendly, but intense competition that ROBLOX gamers are great at.

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Game Creators Show the Power of Custom Particles

A couple weeks ago, ROBLOX launched the Custom Particles feature, giving game creators the power to make their own particle effects. We built the feature in hopes that it would make games feel more immersive and alive, and we’re thrilled with the early results from our community of creators. From lightsabers and lively projectile trails to waterspouts and leaves blowing in the wind, there are already a lot of awesome examples of Custom Particles.

Whether you need inspiration for your own effects or just want to see how creative minds are using this feature, read on!

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Give Your Game a Professional Logo With Game Icons

Within the next few weeks, the ROBLOX Games page is undergoing a major overhaul that will make the page cleaner, easier to navigate, and provide space for even more games to be showcased. Part of this page makeover are the new Game Icons that will appear instead of the current thumbnails. Icons are square images that are meant to act more as logos for your games.

Not to worry, ROBLOX is not removing thumbnails. Thumbnail images will continue to exist on the Game Details page (i.e., the page that contains the Play button). Game icons are meant to help developers distinguish their game in a format that can be used for multiple purposes across ROBLOX.

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Explore the Endless Possibilities of Custom Particles

Particles are a staple in computer graphics and game creation. They’re an easy way to create flames, smoke, explosions, sparks, splashes, weather, dust, and even abstract effects, such as the wispy, glowing trail behind a magic spell. These kinds of effects can set the atmosphere and mood of your game, make vehicles roar to life, bring excitement and visceral feedback to combat, and more. Now, with Custom Particles, you have the freedom to change the existing ROBLOX particle effects – and the power to build beautiful and creative effects of your own.

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Hex Builds a Fanbase With Its Unique Gameplay and High Presentation Value

Game design is a process of exploration as much as it is about building and scripting. Finding a balance between vision and resources is key. The best games on ROBLOX are the ones that utilize the platform well. One of these games is HEX, a sci-fi third-person shooter inspired by other console and PC games, but presented in an entirely ROBLOX way.

Created by the duo owen0202 and SilentSwords, under the development team name SO Studios, HEX hit the scene in early 2015. It built a dedicated following almost instantly, amassing over a million plays in a few short months. HEX was originally conceived as a grid-based conquest game, using hexagonal tiles. If you think about Risky Strats meeting a shooter, you’re not far off.

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The Top Games of March, 2015

One of the coolest ROBLOX experiences is the rush of pulling up the Games page to see what people are playing. Every day, there’s something new at the top of the charts — whether by sheer popularity, earning serious ROBUX, getting lots of thumbs up, or hooking players for repeat play sessions. In this article, we’re stepping back from the day-to-day fluctuations of what’s hot and looking at what games you, the gamers and developers of the ROBLOX community, turned into trends throughout the month of March.

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