An Inside Look at ROBLOX Player Patterns and Popular Games

The world of ROBLOX is a big and diverse place. With millions of players and thousands upon thousands of popular games, there’s something for everyone out there. You can see the diversity of ROBLOX players in the Games page and the titles that are popular and highly rated.

But we know not every gamer is the same, and the most popular games are so different that it’s clear people have different tastes. The people who are enjoying ROBLOX High School are probably not the same people surviving bloody zombie attacks in Apocalypse Rising every day.

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Developer Attribution: A New and Unique Revenue Stream for Game Creators

Andre “Thr33pakShak3r” Srinivasan also contributed to the development of this feature and blog article.

Over the last couple years, ROBLOX has steadily built up an arsenal of tools that allow developers to take their craft to new levels of quality and legitimacy. Among those tools are several monetization features, including Game Passes, in-game mobile ads, and Developer Products – the latter of which has become the go-to method for selling items in-game and delivering the goods to players immediately. All of these features exist to reward developers who pour hours upon hours into making and updating great games.

We’ve now introduced Developer Attribution, a new and unique way for game creators to earn ROBUX, further diversifying the paths to success available on ROBLOX.

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Be a VIP with Your Own Private Game Server

To wrap up 2014, the ROBLOX engineering teams have been working diligently to release some really exciting features for both gamers and game developers. One of those features is something that our community has been requesting for while: private game servers. Today, we launched the beta of VIP Servers, allowing you to purchase a private server for any game that supports the feature and select the people who can play on it with you. We know that you want it to be easy to socialize and play with your friends (or foes, for the competitive types), and this is an initial step toward giving you more control over your gaming experience on ROBLOX.

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Find Quality Models Faster and Easier with Endorsed Assets

ROBLOX is making it easier for developers, both new and veterans, to build the games they want.

We’ve found that, when creators open ROBLOX Studio and build a new game, they often start by opening up the Toolbox and dragging and dropping models onto their blank slate. The Toolbox has a tremendous variety of cool community-created models and other assets, but it’s kind of like the App Store: there’s a ton of content and it can be challenging to wrap your brain around it all.

We’ve been working at ROBLOX to make it easier for developers to get high-quality, working models into their games. Our Endorsed Assets system does just that.

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ROBLOX Hack Week 2014 Begins!

Starting today and running through Friday, our team is wrapping up a strong 2014 with five days of exploration — of visionary ideas, process improvements, experimental technology, and other cool things that don’t quite fit our immediate plans for ROBLOX but merit a week of investigation. While there is no guarantee that the things we’re working on this week will become official features, they do make for an entertaining Friday afternoon of demos and inform what we do in the future. This is Hack Week.

It’s not unprecedented for a Hack Week project to become an official ROBLOX feature. In fact, 12 Hack Week projects from late 2013 made it to production this year — and some of them went (or are on their way) directly to our community of gamers and developers.

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Watch the Complete ROBLOX “Hour of Code” Tutorial Series

We’ve heard from many of you this week that your schools and STEM programs are participating in the global Hour of Code event, which is intended to introduce people of all ages to valuable computer science concepts and runs through this Sunday, December 14th. Even so, thousands of aspiring ROBLOX game developers participated in ROBLOX’s own Hour of Code event by following along with our series of four tutorial videos that teach everything from the very basics of Lua scripting to writing while loops and if/then statements to make a fireball-launching cannon. Now that all the videos in the series are available on our YouTube channel, we’re publishing them here as well to make sure nobody misses this great learning opportunity.

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The Rendering Team Closes 2014 with a Boom

The ROBLOX Rendering team made 2014 yet another year of beautification for ROBLOX, unveiling such eye candy as new particle effects, new material textures, and environmental reflections, and even transitioned to an entirely new rendering engine developed just for our platform. To top off the year, this week the team launched two final updates: a new texture-rendering technique that reduces repetitious tiling, and a new explosion particle effect.

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