ROBLOX Enters the VR Space with Launch on Oculus Rift

Here at ROBLOX our dream is to allow digital creators and explorers to play, learn, and socialize with their friends across any and all devices. As new avenues of technology open up to the world, new ways to play and make amazing interactive experiences do too. So we’re thrilled to announce that ROBLOX has officially taken the next step into the world of virtual reality with our launch on Oculus Rift.

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Captain America & Iron Man Face Off in the ROBLOX Battle Arena Event

A wise man once said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time,” but I doubt he ever met Captain America and Iron Man. Battle Arena has arrived and Cap and Iron Man are planning on working out some of their…”differences”… And while it is never great when good guys fight each other, at least there is some awesome prizes to be won!

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Work Together on ROBLOX Projects with Team Create

Social experience and interaction is in the very DNA of ROBLOX. We enable creators and gaming enthusiasts from all over the world to develop and play on a single platform. The future of collaborative creation technology will be cloud based and tools such as Google Docs and Slack are paving the way. At ROBLOX, we are taking collaborative creation one step further with introduction of Team Create. Team Create is a new Studio feature that allows you to create with your friends in real-time.

You can invite your friends to join you in Studio after enabling your Team Create for your game. While each of you has Studio running on your machine, you will all be able to; edit the same game place, see what everyone is working on, and even chat with each other.

In order to work on a project with your friends, load up the place you want to edit with Studio then open up the Team Create panel (you can find it in the View tab). Press the Turn ON button in that panel to enable Team Create. From there, invite your friends to edit your place by typing their ROBLOX username in the top of the Team Create Panel.


After you invite someone to a Team Create place, he or she can go to the place’s game page and press the Edit button (which is in the “. . .” menu). This will launch Studio and automatically add them into the editing session.


When someone joins a Team Create place, they will be assigned a color. Their camera and selection will be tinted in that color so everyone can know who is working on what.

The arrival of Team Create has made us start to rethink creation across the platform. Personal Build Servers (PBS), while great for the platform at the time, are no longer used as much and we are providing a similar and better experience with Team Create. We will soon be locking down the creation of PBS’s so that new ones may not be made any longer. You will still be able to play and update your PBS (and those you are invited to) for 30 days afterwards.  After that, all PBS’s will be converted to regular places. We encourage you to ask your friends to build with you in Team Create going forward.


For the most part, working in Team Create is the same as working in solo Studio. There are a few key differences to know though. Instead of requiring you to manually save, Team Create will automatically save your place to the ROBLOX cloud every 5 minutes. Also, while anyone can select and manipulate any instance in the 3D view, each script can only be edited by one person at a time.

Please read the Wiki article at ROBLOX for more in-depth information about Team Create.



ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Arcane Adventures

Since the beginning of ROBLOX creators have always strived to make an engaging magic game on ROBLOX. From simply editing rocket scripts to look like different forms of energy, to Balefire, we have always sought to create cool magic games since the beginning. This week’s spotlight is the culmination of that desire: Arcane Adventures.

This game had me hooked from the get-go. Developer VetexGames knows how to grab your eye–so much so that I was able to use the title screen as the banner this week. From that art, to the level design, to the way the game looks and feels, the place is a whole different level of Massively Multiplayer RPGs. The game has story, it has cool spells and classes, and it has boats. There’s not much more I could ask for from an MMORPG.

What you’re here to hear about is the magic. Let me tell you that this is the best experience I’ve had with a magic-based combat system on ROBLOX in the ten years I’ve been playing ROBLOX games. When you start a new character you first get to design it. This is one of the most in-depth character creators I’ve seen on ROBLOX, and you can create some truly diverse characters in it. After that you can choose which element of magic you want to use. You can pick Fire, Lightning, Light and Wind, and each of these has their own skills to unlock and use.


After you create your character you wind up shipwrecked on an island with a bunch of fellow wizards. But they’re not right in the head after being driven crazy from the wreck and they attack you. You have to fight your way through them and escape the island. From there you can explore a massive world using your boat. Travel to different islands and discover their secrets, or follow the story and figure out the lore behind how the land ended up in such chaos.

Arcane Adventures excels at stunning visuals using dynamic lighting and particles to deliver on its fun magical combat mechanics. Every attack is visceral and seems to connect with impact. They could have been stale rocket clones but the developer took the time to create many unique spells which the player can use to interact with the world and to defeat their enemies. This makes the game truly unique and keeps me coming back for more.


I loved Arcane Adventures. It handles magic in a way that’s never been done, it has a compelling story, and its use of lighting and custom particles creates an atmosphere that keeps me thinking about it long after I put the game down.

Until next time, keep on magicin’ on!