You Can Now Test Purchases in ROBLOX Studio Without Spending ROBUX!

At ROBLOX, we strive to ensure that your developing experience is as robust and as convenient as possible. If you’re an up-and-coming game developer, one of the core features we offer is an ability to sell purchasable items so that you can be rewarded for all of your hard work with real-world currency. When someone buys an item in your game, you can receive the profits as part of our Developer Exchange program!

We often hear from our developers that they would like a more user-friendly way to test in-game purchases. We’re more than happy to oblige. From now on, you will no longer be required to spend your own ROBUX when testing in-game purchases in Studio!

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ROBLOX Physics Get an Upgrade with New Constraints

When we introduced our upgraded physics engine – the PGS Solver – last October, it brought new levels of physics fidelity and faster performance to game simulation. Developers could take full advantage of the PGS Solver to build robust, complex simulations with more rigidity and greater collision detection than ever before. To fully unleash the power and creative possibilities of our physics engine, we are excited to bring you a collection of new Constraints, also known as Mechanical Joints!  

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Dream Big in the ROBLOX Imagination Event!

Time to stretch those imagination muscles! ROBLOX and PEBBLES™ are teaming up once again to kick your imagination into overdrive. We’re featuring another set of ROBLOX games that will put your creativity to the test. Will there be out-of-this-world prizes? Of course! Will there be dragons, spaceships, superheroes, and unicorns? Well, as the famous artist Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” So, what will you imagine?

There’s a rumor going around that a dragon is hiding somewhere in Ripull Minigames. Join your friends on the ultimate search for this mythical beast to win your very own dragon sidekick to take with you on all your ROBLOX adventures! While you’re at it, come play and win the featured imagination minigame to receive another cool companion!

After all your adventuring, why not take a few lessons in imagination down at the ROBLOX High School? We challenge you to enroll in any 10 classes to prove your creative mastery. You’ll win a special prize if you do! What’s a good class to take, you ask? Try making your own painting in art class and show off your inner Picasso to win another prize!

Last but not least, jazz up your sense of style with one of the prizes you achieved during this event and show it off in ROBLOX Top Model! Not only will you collect more ROBLOX goodies, but you’ll also have the judges swooning. If you win, you’ll also be rewarded with another prize!

Are you up for the challenge? Unleash your creativity and play today!

Check out the Imagination Event Page!


ROBLOX Games Get Massive Boost in Performance with Level of Detail

As any game developer would tell you, lowering memory consumption is crucial if you want to fully optimize performance. Over the past month, we’ve been working hard to significantly improve the usability and efficiency of one of ROBLOX’s core features, Smooth Terrain, so that users of all kinds of hardware configurations could see and digest the fruits of your labor. One aspect of this process is introducing a new Level of Detail (LOD) system, which can help save video memory and ultimately make your games and experiences perform much better. In this article, we’ll explain more about LOD’s benefits and why this update will improve your overall ROBLOX experience.

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ROBLOX Users Band Together to Form a European ROBLOXian Meetup in London!

One of the things we love about our community is seeing bright, enthusiastic builders come together to create something truly spectacular. Over the years, we have come to know you not just as talented artists and game designers, but as great visionaries as well. KnowDaGame and Yrrebrblx are two such examples. Together, they sought to create the world’s first community-run ROBLOX event, where developers and players in Europe could have a casual place to meet, chat, and do what they do best – play ROBLOX!

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Mobile is the #1 Growing Platform on ROBLOX

Mobile has become our fastest growing platform in just a few short years after we first premiered ROBLOX on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Millions of ROBLOXians have logged countless hours tapping into their favorite games and experiences on-the-go. Millions more are joining them today – so much so that mobile devices are becoming an increasingly lucrative platform for all developers. We thought we should break down the stats and take a close look at some of the explosive numbers that summed up the past year and a half on ROBLOX Mobile. Check it out, and you’ll see why the mobile behemoth reigns supreme.

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Customize Particle Colors with the New ColorSequence Editor!

We’re always looking for helpful ways to improve your ROBLOX experience. Whether you’re a dedicated builder or a loyal user, we believe that providing access to powerful and accessible tools in the Studio will usher in a more varied assortment of fun and incredibly innovative experiences for everyone. Today, we’re happy to introduce another new addition to the ROBLOX Studio – the ColorSequence Editor! If you enjoy using particle effects, this editor gives you the ability to customize their colors like never before. In addition, we recently rolled out a new graphical update for particles, which will now allow them to blend more seamlessly into the background. Let’s check it out!

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