New Shadows Bring More Realistic Effects to Humanoids

ROBLOX is all about iteration.

Whenever we work on any features – including all rendering features – we usually have a vision for the future, like how ROBLOX games will look on different platforms in a few years – and then we take bite-sized pieces of this vision and execute it. Shadows are no exception.

Since time immemorial, ROBLOX supported character shadows via a technique known as stencil shadows. This resulted in nice hard-edged shadows that followed the character geometry perfectly. However, the technique had several issues – it was not very fast, it was not very robust – on some character meshes you could see strange inverted shadows – and, most importantly, it was hard to integrate it with our lighting solution.

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Announcing the Finalists for the ROBLOX T-Shirt Design Contest!

Last week we launched the first ever ROBLOX T-Shirt Design Contest, and the response was incredible. We got 600 some entries into the contest, awesome! Everything from imaginative and abstract to humorous text-based shirts.

We’ve whittled the hundreds of entries down to these 15 finalists, and YOU guys, the ROBLOX community will get to decide which shirts ultimately win! Tomorrow we’ll be uploading these shirts to the ROBLOX catalog for 10 TIX each. To cast your vote all you have to do is buy the shirt. Buy one, buy them all, it’s up to you! Voting will be open until next Friday, December 4, and the winners will be announced the week after that. The winning shirts will be the first entries into wave two of our official merchandise store in 2016!

So without further ado, here are the finalists for the ROBLOX T-Shirt Creation Contest.

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BLOXgiving Has Arrived!

ROBLOX is pleased to announce this year’s Bloxgiving has begun! And we are even more excited to inform you that we have teamed up with The Good Dinosaur to bring some thunderous prehistoric fun to this year’s event! Why? Because, who doesn’t love dinosaurs, that’s why. Search throughout our Bloxgiving themed games, and try to find The Good Dinosaur inspired item hidden in each game. Find them and you’ll have awesome new clothes to rock during Bloxgiving!

Head into the mines of Epic Mining 2 and work up that appetite for a meal worthy of Bloxgiving! While you’re there try to find the comfy winter hat inspired by The Good Dinosaur and you’ll have a stylish headpiece for all future Bloxgivings.

Build your own banquet hall to house your Bloxgiving festivities in Lumber Tycoon 2! And while you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for some sweet new eye-wear. We left some sunglasses and their all yours if you can find them! (Just don’t wear them to the dinner table on Bloxgiving.)

Celebrate Bloxgiving the way our Robloxian forefathers would have wanted – by pretending to be dinosaurs! Actually, I bet they would have wanted us to pretend to be dinosaurs all day every day, but whatever. And while you are getting your dinosaur on, look for the Baseball cap we hid – it’s a modern piece of clothing in a prehistoric simulator so it shouldn’t be that hard to spot!


The ROBLOX Shop & T-Shirt Design Contest!

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you’re likely already making your wish list, or thinking about what to get for a loved one or friend. ROBLOX has always offered a seasonal store around the holidays, but this year we’re going all out.

We’re pleased to announce the brand new Official ROBLOX Shop, your online destination for ROBLOX apparel, accessories, and other great items. Each item in our store embodies an aspect of ROBLOX that makes it so fun, whether it be the silly characters, the awesome games, or the glorious clans.

Check out today, and see all the awesome items available. Order soon to get these items for the holidays!

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Announcing New Physical Material Properties

Materials on parts have always been a part of ROBLOX, but short of changing appearance of the parts these materials provided little influence to actual gameplay. When the update rolls out, users using the new system will find that picking a PartMaterial now affects the elasticity, friction, and density of objects to better match the real-life material! Fear not, those of you that like to customize every facet of their game will still be able to customize Friction and Elasticity of their parts, with the added ability to customize Density as well!

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