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Express Yourself with Display Names

June 28, 2021

by Roblox

Product & Tech Community

Now there’s a whole new way to express your identity on Roblox—with Display Names! These work a little differently from your username:

Usernames are unique to your account and are prefixed with an “@,” so that you can always uniquely identify someone. If your username is @CoolCat43122, you’re the only @CoolCat43122 around. Usernames are used to log in and to help find specific people on the platform.

Display Names are not unique and are free to change every seven days. They appear in places such as your profile, chat, search, people lists, or over your avatar’s head whenever you visit an experience. If you choose not to set a Display Name, you’ll default to your username.

Display Name Set-Up

To change your Display Name:

  1. Go to your Account Info.
  2. Find “Display Name” and click the edit icon.
  3. Change your Display Name and hit “Save.”
  4. Tada! You have your new Display Name.

Well, almost. There are a few requirements your Display Name has to meet before it’s good to go. Your Display Name:

  • Needs to pass our text filter to ensure it meets our Community Rules.
  • Can’t match usernames belonging to high-profile users.
  • Must be between 3-21 characters.
  • Should only include letters, numbers, and underscores.
  • Can only be changed every seven days.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy this feature.

For more information on Display Names, visit our support page. And if you’re a creator looking to integrate Display Names into your experiences, check out our forum post.