Dragons: Race to the Edge Soars into ROBLOX

Hiccup and the dragon riders from Berk are coming to help you train some dragons of your own! Well, they’re actually here to search for a mysterious and powerful relic that has taken them on a journey far from home; but, we still plan on getting them to teach us a thing or two about dragon riding!

Come and join the adventure in search of the Dragon’s Eye! Win:

  • Heather’s Hair (mimicry is the highest form of flattery).
  • Heather’s boots, they were made for stomping.
  • Hiccup’s shoulder pads, the same ones that have protected him from arrows and dragon flames alike.
  • Plus, if you collect all three lenses, you win the powerful Dragon Eye yourself!

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Voting Now Open For The ROBLOXworld Smooth Terrain Contest

Earlier this month we launched the ROBLOXworld Smooth Terrain Contest, a way for ROBLOXians to show off their skills with the new terrain tools.

The voting stage of the contest is officially open! Check out the official contest page to see the finalists, and vote for your favorites.

We got thousands of entries showcasing places all over the world. Whittling it down to these Finalists was an extremely tough job. A huge thank you to everyone who entered the contest. There were so many amazing pieces, we wished we could have chosen them all!

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The Teen Titans Fight Crime and Eat Pizza on ROBLOX

The Teen Titans are coming to ROBLOX, and where else would they want to go but their favorite game, Work at a Pizza Place!

Win a Robin mask for finding Robin in the Teen Titans GO! scavenger hunt; be one of the Titans and fight crime with your Beast Boy companion; or, as Cyborg recommends, just kick back and enjoy some pizza, baby!

You can check out the gear, and jump into the game by heading to our Teen Titans Go page!

Be sure not to miss Teen Titans GO! Your new favorite show. Every day on Cartoon Network.


The ROBLOXworld Smooth Terrain Contest – Extended!

UPDATE: The contest has been extended! With the release of new terrain types, including snow, ice, and magma, we’ve extended the contest an additional week. Now you can use these features, and make a wider variety of locations. Check the blog post for deadlines, and how to enter!

To celebrate the launch of Smooth Terrain, ROBLOX’s all new way to build beautiful in-game environment’s, we’re launching a contest for the entire ROBLOX community.

The ROBLOXworld Smooth Terrain Contest is a way for you to show off your talent, and earn great prizes in the process!

So how does it all work? Let’s break it down.

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Give Your Game a Professional Logo With Game Icons

Update: The new Games Page is now live! Check below for info on what the new icons mean and how you can put them in your own game!

Currently, the ROBLOX Games page is undergoing a major overhaul that will make the page cleaner, easier to navigate, and provide space for even more games to be showcased. Part of this page makeover are the new Game Icons that will appear instead of the current thumbnails. Icons are square images that are meant to act more as logos for your games.

Not to worry, ROBLOX is not removing thumbnails. Thumbnail images will continue to exist on the Game Details page (i.e., the page that contains the Play button). Game icons are meant to help developers distinguish their game in a format that can be used for multiple purposes across ROBLOX.

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Create All New Worlds With Smooth Terrain

You may have seen some amazing looking ROBLOX environments pop up over the weekend. Stunning, sandy beaches, or craggy, water-fall accented mountains. You’re not dreaming, this is ROBLOX’s brand new Smooth Terrain feature, and it’s changing how you see ROBLOX games.

With Smooth Terrain, anyone and everyone on ROBLOX can create beautiful, detailed environments that feel more alive and vibrant than anything you’ve seen on ROBLOX before. The grass, sand, brick, and rock are all highly textured and realistic. Water is reflective and more fluid. Terrain types blend into one another to create a more natural division between materials.

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