Behind the Scenes of ROBLOX Hack Week 2015!

During the final week of 2015 the entire ROBLOX staff participates in an event of innovation and creativity called Hack Week.  Amid the engineering creations and experiments some of the coolest visionary ideas of 2015 are presented to the entire company on the final day.  As is tradition we have selected a few of these incredible projects to share with you.  Over the next few weeks the ROBLOX blog will be taking you on a tour of Hack Week by featuring a new project each week.

Remember: there is no guarantee that any of these projects will be transformed into official ROBLOX features, but we’re saying there’s a chance! 

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Kung Fu Panda Smashes Onto ROBLOX

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting! Those Pandas were fast as lightning! Hi-yahhhh!

Po and all your other favorite characters from Kung Fu Panda are coming to ROBLOX, and it’s a little bit more than exciting. Join Po and the Furious 5 in the search for little Bao, who seems to have gotten himself lost in one of our games. Find him and he’ll probably want to become your Kung Fu disciple!

So you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Well then a good place to start is to practice using your Kung Fu to chop down giant trees and craft stuff in Lumber Tycoon 2. It’s like the old wax-on wax-off training that kid who liked karate did – only in a forest. Bao went to train there too, but we think he might be lost.  If you can find him, then we are sure he will be so grateful that he will stick around for all your future adventures!


Expanded Water Properties

At ROBLOX we are constantly looking to improve our tools and technology so you can make better games and experiences. A big part of our development process is iteration: constantly making updates and additions to features already implemented. Last year we released Smooth Terrain (http://blog.roblox.com/2015/06/create-all-new-worlds-with-smooth-terrain/) which brought ROBLOX into a new era of environmental design. Recently Stickmasterluke announced some major improvements to the smooth terrain tool kit (http://blog.roblox.com/2015/12/smooth-terrain-and-new-horizons/) bringing even more power and potential to the creations on ROBLOX. Yet, there is still another important feature we want everyone to know about: Water Properties! Continue reading →


Looking Forward to 2016

Dear ROBLOX Community –

2015 has been a transformative year for ROBLOX. Our developer community has raised the quality bar with stunningly imaginative games that are attracting more and more players. We’ve built out the ROBLOX team with many amazing hires. And our growth has accelerated over the course of the year. We hit 250,000 simultaneous players on 12/23/2015, and we are seeing over 50% growth in new players vs. last year. We are solidly profitable and are forging aggressive plans in 2016 to expand our vision of Powering Imagination™.

ROBLOX has always been about unleashing the imagination of our community. We provide millions of players with the opportunity to experience amazing things with their friends. As we plan for the future, we will continue to focus on being THE place where you and your friends can do anything you can imagine — play games, create adventures, visualize and learn, roleplay, or just hang out and have fun.

Technology has been improving storytelling and communication for over 2,000 years, but the capability to support shared experiences is relatively new on the human time scale.

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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Stealth

Are you itching for a fighting game that is more than just hack and slash? Looking for a good parkour game to satisfy your obstacle-jumping urges? Feel like sneaking up for that surprise kill? You won’t have to look far, because in this week’s game you’ll have to sneak your way to victory. You guessed it, this week we are spotlighting a new wonderful game from Mailbox Games: Stealth.  

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