The New Class of Developers Are Turning Games into Their Playground

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The gaming industry is evolving. You can see that in the rise of indie games — games that in the past wouldn’t have been even a blip on the mainstream radar — and sandbox titles that allow players to mold their own experiences. Today, games like Gone Home and Depression Quest push the boundary of what is even considered a game. Minecraft and Rust and Project Spark let players make the game to varying degrees. For the first time in the industry’s history, small voices are shaping the future; gaining more attention and weight. Video games are no longer what big publishers tell us they are. They’re what gamers want them to be.

At ROBLOX we have an interesting perspective on the evolution of gaming. As a game creation platform, all the games on our website are made by users, and it’s their interests and passions that determine what games succeed.

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Admins Pick Their Favorite Games of 2014: Part 2

There are so many awesome games that came out on ROBLOX this year. We asked members of the ROBLOX team across the whole company to tell us their favorite games of 2014, so you have an inside look at the kinds of games we love. We got such a big response we had to split this into two articles! Here’s part two of the series. If you missed part one, go check it out.

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Admins Pick Their Favorite Games of 2014: Part 1

2014 is coming to an end, and we’re celebrating a great year of ROBLOX by recounting some of our favorite games. We asked the admins to tell us their favorite games, and got a pretty big response — so much so that we had to split this into two articles. Part one is today, and part two goes up on Monday. check out the first batch of staff picks, and see how they stack up with your own favorite ROBLOX games!

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Happy Holidays from ROBLOX!

2014 has been a fantastic year for ROBLOX. With 4.4 million monthly active users now logging 70 million hours of engagement per month, we’ve reached new levels of gaming, building, game development, character customization, Twitch streaming, and all the other fun stuff that comes with being part of this platform and community. And with other industry happenings — such as Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch and Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang — we’re confident that user-generated content truly is the future. We’re banding together to make it happen in the gaming space.

We’ll be off celebrating this successful year and enjoying the holidays with our friends and family for the next few days, but we didn’t want to leave without wishing you all a safe and happy holiday week. Enjoy your break, play and create as many games as you possibly can, and stay tuned for some cool year-in-review stories as we approach the new year.

We’ll see you in 2015.

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An Inside Look at ROBLOX Player Patterns and Popular Games

The world of ROBLOX is a big and diverse place. With millions of players and thousands upon thousands of popular games, there’s something for everyone out there. You can see the diversity of ROBLOX players in the Games page and the titles that are popular and highly rated.

But we know not every gamer is the same, and the most popular games are so different that it’s clear people have different tastes. The people who are enjoying ROBLOX High School are probably not the same people surviving bloody zombie attacks in Apocalypse Rising every day.

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Developer Attribution: A New and Unique Revenue Stream for Game Creators

Andre “Thr33pakShak3r” Srinivasan also contributed to the development of this feature and blog article.

Over the last couple years, ROBLOX has steadily built up an arsenal of tools that allow developers to take their craft to new levels of quality and legitimacy. Among those tools are several monetization features, including Game Passes, in-game mobile ads, and Developer Products – the latter of which has become the go-to method for selling items in-game and delivering the goods to players immediately. All of these features exist to reward developers who pour hours upon hours into making and updating great games.

We’ve now introduced Developer Attribution, a new and unique way for game creators to earn ROBUX, further diversifying the paths to success available on ROBLOX.

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