In-game Mobile Ads Now Pay 2 ROBUX Per Impression

Mobile, mobile, mobile! We’ve had a couple of exciting announcements, for both gamers and developers, in the realm of tablets and phones over the last week alone. Now, we have one more update to add to the list. The rate at which we reward developers for showing mobile video advertisements in their games has doubled, landing it at two ROBUX for every one impression. If you haven’t tried implementing this feature yet, now is a better time than ever to consider it.

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Test Your Games on Mobile — Without a Mobile Device

As ROBLOX continues to expand to more mobile platforms (just last week we launched on Kindle and Fire Phone), developers are looking for more ways to ensure good gameplay experiences for mobile players. We recently had TylerMcBride, creator of Super Bomb Survival and seasoned game creator, document some of the key ways to make your game mobile-friendly. Since then, we’ve released a pair of ROBLOX Studio features that make another important part of mobile game development – the testing process – much more robust than it’s ever been. Now, you can not only tell ROBLOX Studio to emulate mobile screen dimensions and interfaces, but you can pair an iOS device with Studio using the ROBLOX Developer app to test your games – without publishing them to the cloud.

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Visit ROBLOX This Saturday at Events in San Francisco and Houston

This weekend, ROBLOX will be present at even more exciting events: Discovery Days at AT&T Park in San Francisco and the Mini Maker Faire in Houston, Texas. We’ll have builders and developers from our community showing off ROBLOX in our booths at both locations, and several members of our team will be present, as well. If you’re in the Bay Area or Houston, come hang out with us and help spread the word about ROBLOX.

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ROBLOX Arrives in the Amazon App Store

Following the launch of ROBLOX on Android, many ROBLOXians wanted to know when we’d be launching the app for Kindle devices. We heard you, and we’re proud to announce that ROBLOX Mobile is now available in the Amazon App Store! The Amazon App Store allows you to download ROBLOX for any supported Android device, which now includes most Kindles and the Fire Phone.

ROBLOX Mobile lets you explore the thousands of games created by builders and developers, trade messages with friends, customize your character, and more. When you play on Kindle, you even join the same games as your friends on Mac, PC, iOS, and other Android devices, so you can play anywhere, with everyone. While ROBLOX spreads even further across platforms, we’re making sure you and your friends always stay connected in the same virtual world.

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The Top Games of Fall, 2014

As a user-generated content platform, the tides and trends of ROBLOX are largely dictated by our community’s tastes and preferences. That said, it’s always interesting to take a bird’s-eye view of the entire gaming ecosystem – and draw conclusions about what types of content are tripping players’ triggers. We pulled together game data for September and the first two-thirds of October; let’s see what is resonating among the community this fall.

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Transforming the Look of ROBLOX with New Particle Effects

Today, we launched our revamped particle effect system and a new look for the existing particle effects: smoke, fire, sparkles, and the spawn forcefield. All of these particle effects were completely redesigned from the ground up to fit the high-quality and high-definition look that we’re working hard to bring to ROBLOX, and several key members of the Rendering and Art teams collaborated to redefine what ROBLOX particle effects are. It was important to us to ensure that implementing these effects in Studio is the exact same process as it always has been, which it is. As Senior Software Engineer at ROBLOX, I want to share an under-the-hood look at the technology we developed to implement the new particle effects, and talk about an interesting challenge we overcame in the process. Get ready for a deep dive.

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