See the Awesome Game Creation Features Coming to ROBLOX in 2015

The ROBLOX team unveiled an array of improvements and tools coming soon to our platform at ROBLOX Developers Conference West (RDC West) last weekend. The event was the first of its kind, attracting about 75 of the top game creators from our community and more than 40,000 Twitch viewers. Today, we’re going to recap the most anticipated announcements, as presented by Simon “gemlocker” Kozlov and Adam “rbadam” Miller. Consider this an easily digestible version of the giant box of awesome that was opened at the event!

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Watch the RDC West Livestream!

[Update: the stream has ended, but you can still watch the archives below!]

This weekend, we’re hosting the first ever ROBLOX Developers Conference (RDC) in San Francisco, California. To kick off the event, our staff is revealing exciting announcements about the future of the ROBLOX game engine and ROBLOX Studio, from physics and terrain to multi-builder Studio and the Developer Exchange. We recognize that not every game creator could take a weekend trip to California for RDC West. So, we’re bringing the event’s big reveals to you by streaming them LIVE on the ROBLOX Twitch channel — and you can watch it here on the blog.

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How Ripull Minigames Dominated ROBLOX This Winter

There’s a long and storied history of minigame collections on ROBLOX. Looking back as far as 2008, long-tenured ROBLOX players might remember such titles as Minigame Mania by ICE128, Person299’s Minigames, Multi Minigames, Havemeat’s Minigames, and Minigame World. Now, with four solid months of top-10 performance, it’s safe to say there’s a new title that’ll one day be mentioned among the classics.

That game is Ripull Minigames.

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The Top Games of February, 2015

We see a lot of ROBLOX games shoot up into the Top 20 list in the first few weeks of life. The community loves new games, and so do we. But only a select few manage to stay at the top, pulling in players month after month. February mostly saw long-time favorites dominating the list. Can some of the newcomers stay popular? Will we see some of the juggernaut titles slip a few places in the coming months? That all depends on where you, the gamers of the ROBLOX community, decide to spend your time.

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ROBLOX Is Coming to SXSW — And You Can Attend!

Back in summer, 2014, we asked the ROBLOX community to cast their vote to get ROBLOX on a panel at SXSW Interactive, one of the biggest tech and gaming conferences on the planet. You guys totally came through and ROBLOX was one of the companies chosen to speak at the event. Thanks!

March 2015 has come quickly, and we’re excited to share details about our first ever appearance at SXSW Interactive.

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See Exciting Announcements Live from RDC West Next Saturday

One week from today marks the end of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and the beginning of the ROBLOX Developers Conference West (RDC West). ROBLOX staff and creators from our community will be participating in both of these events, and, for those of you who can’t be there, we’re planning to bring you coverage here on the ROBLOX blog.

Of particular note to the ROBLOX community is our RDC West livestream, which starts next Saturday at roughly 10 a.m. Pacific Time (12 p.m. CT / 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. GMT). The livestream will feature big announcements about the ROBLOX engine, Studio, and more, plus some other assorted fun. We expect that the stream will run for approximately two hours. You’ll be able to watch it in an embedded player at blog.roblox.com or, if you want to participate in the chat and get hyped up with other viewers, at twitch.tv/roblox. We hope to see a lot of you there!

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Light Your World with New Surface Lights

Lighting is one of the most important parts of designing a game. Low light and heavy shadows create tension. Bright lights and vibrant colors bring out the cheer in players. ROBLOX’s dynamic lighting engine allows you to achieve these effects – and everything in between – and we have now updated it to include the Surface Light. This new type of light complements the existing Point Light and Spot Light, and gives you an easy way to illuminate large surfaces and vast spaces.

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